Episode 19 - Greg Sanocki: Escaping The Real World Doing Something You Love

Picking up a skateboard at the age of twelve, Greg found something that allowed him to break away from everything else going on in his life. When people started complimenting his skills and posting his clips online, he soon began to realize it was his passion & has stayed with it for over ten years. Working for Theory Skate Shop based in Western Massachusetts, it gave him a taste of social media as he ran brands online accounts. Leveraging his experience, he most recently began his career as the Social Media & Digital Coordinator at Westfield State University. Learn about why he was motivated to lose 60 pounds, what skating has taught him about life & the benefit of trying new things in this week's episode with Greg Sanocki.

All it took was the video game Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarder for Greg to realize, “hey, maybe I should buy a skateboard & learn.” From that point on he began to fall in love with it because of the community that he was surrounded by but also because it gave him a place to go to leave everything else that was on his mind behind.

When Greg was looking into college he decided he wanted to stay close to home, Chicopee, MA, and began attending Western New England University. His goal was to get through it as quickly as possible & after a year there he realized he wanted to become a marketing major because of the experience he had working for his local shop, Theory Skate Shop.

The shop itself was somewhere he & lots of other aspiring Western MA skaters went to get new boards, products & to get to know the skating community of the area. It served as a hub to learn, grow & network. When approached to work for them which was a dream come true for Greg, he was given the opportunity to start running the brands social media pages. When he realized he enjoyed this aspect of business all the while still attending school, he quickly changed to a marketing major.

Most recently he began a career as a Social Media & Digital Coordinator of Westfield State University. They’ve given Greg the power to post what he wants, when he wants with little to no guideline which has allowed him to love the freedom of control on what he believes will work.

Skating has been there all along this journey of life. Although as a kid he considered maybe becoming a professional, that is no longer the goal and it doesn’t need to be. It is still his passion. Something he loves to spend every free minute he has to shred up with his friends at a local spot or skatepark. It gives him that chance to break away from all the other distractions that life sometimes throws at us. Greg has found his passion & hasn’t let anything or anyone get in his way.

Episode takeaway: You will never know what it is that your passion might be unless you try new things. Somethings will work & some won’t but you’ll never been able to find what sticks unless you give it a shot.


Podcast Outline

  • Who is Greg Sanocki today?

  • Younger years & what he was interested in

  • Skating gave him a medium to disconnect from the world and zone out

  • Piece of advice for his 10 year old self

    • Work hard and stay focused on whatever it is that you need to do

  • Went to Western New England University (Springfield, MA)

    • Wanted to stay close to his family and commute to school

    • The main goal going into college: get a degree & get out

  • Started skating at the age of twelve

    • Inspired by playing Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarder

  • How you describe skateboarding to someone who isn’t familiar

    • Being persistent & getting one step closer to a trick every try

    • Social community that is enjoyable with friends

  • When & how Greg realized skating was his passion

    • People started complimenting him and posting his videos online

    • “Feeling accomplished when you're done or having fun when you’re doing it… thats whats gonna make you keep doing it”

  • The difficulty of becoming a professional skater

  • Spent five years working at Theory Skate Shop

    • Even if cheaper prices online, people are coming into the store for the community

    • Importance of building relationships with customers

    • Started doing the social media which gave him a taste of marketing

  • If Greg could have anyone person join his group of friends skating, who would it be?

    • Andrew Reynolds

  • If skating has taught Greg anything about life its?

    • Be persistent & keep trying

  • If someone approached him today asking advice about skating:

    • “You just have to skate & be dedicated… you won’t be good overnight”

  • Became Social Media & Digital Content Coordinator at Westfield State University

  • Simple changes Greg has made that’ve made a difference

    • One of the biggest accomplishments of his life: Lose 60 pounds

  • Any one thing to cross off the bucket list today

    • Travel in Europe

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • Him & his fiancee, a house & just happy

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question:

    • Best thing you’ve learned from living in Boston & what has it allowed you to do?

  • Where to find Greg on social media

    • Instagram: @gregsanocki

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone who is trying to find their own passion/purpose?

    • Try new things, you never know what is going to stick