Episode 14 - Hendersin: Quitting a Job To Pursue a Passion Full-Time

Greenfield Massachusetts… are you familiar with it? Most likely not if you’re not a MA native. In short it's a place in the middle of nowhere with not a whole lot going on and I don’t mean that in any disrespect. Everyone has there preference of what type of surroundings they would like to live in. If you enjoy mother nature, quite, a bear roaming in your backyard, this is the place for you.

What most people wouldn’t expect is to find a hip-hop artist locked inside working day after day on his music to create something so great that people wouldn’t even question skipping over the music. Someone who would grind out the 9 - 5 lifestyle Monday through Friday but still finding energy and time to get into the studio after everyday. The passion has always been there and the fuel to be something great backed it. When you get these two to mix togeather, you have potential for something special to be created.

I met Hendersin years ago when I booked Dylan Reese’s first gig at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA and that's when our relationship began. I’ve watched from afar an artist go from doing local gigs of about a hundred people to having a slot at the House of Blues Boston, a 2,000+ capacity room. Needless to say, hard work will pay off.  

This week’s episode we talk everything about his childhood, growing as an artist out of MA, the power of the internet and being able to grow as an artist, the influences of social media platforms such as Vine, and what this entire journey has been like. You may never have the dreams or aspirations to become an artist but the story alone will give you perspective & hopefully inspire you to be someone great.


Podcast Outline

  • Who is Hendersin today?

  • Early years

    • Put into foster care at an early age & was adopted at the age of 6

    • Father & older brother consistently fed him different genres of music

  • Found love for the game of basketball

    • Looked up to Allen Iverson as a kid

    • Played through up until freshman year of college (Bridgewater State)  

  • Started writing/recording music shortly after college

    • Reached out to a local promoter and began to build his career

    • Opened for Wiz Khalifa, Faboulous, Big Sean, etc.

  • Growing as an artist out of Western MA

  • Top moments of Hendersins career thus far

    • Quitting his 9-5 after working 5.5 years at Home Depot

    • “Henny in Ya System” independent album being reviewed by Apple

  • His record “All I Got” featured on a Vine and took off (Millions of plays)

  • Motivation behind making the music

    • Using it as a medium to tell his story

  • Pull two artists into the studio today to work with

    • J. Cole + Mos Def

  • Recently married back in August 2016

    • Had moments where there weren't any doubts that she was the one

    • She has been there from the very beginning & has always supported his music

  • Staying honest with himself has been important for his growth over the years

  • How would Hendersin liked to be remembered?

    • Someone that pursued his dreams & was able to helped other people cope

  • Picture frame on the wall in 10 years, what/who do we see?

    • His wife, with two kids, house with a studio, helping other artists and continue to do what he loves

  • Ask Bobbaay 1 question:

    • One moment you wish you could relive & one moment you wish you could take away?

  • Where to find Hendersin on social media

    • Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / Instagram

    • Soundcloud / Snapchat

  • 2-3 pieces of advice to someone on the pursuit of their own passion

    • Give it time & don't stress the small things

    • Trust that things will work out