Episode 69 - Indy: We Don't Have It All Figured Out Just Yet


In May of 2017 Indy signed a deal with Sony Music and with the advance he was given the ability to put all of his creative energy into being a recording artist. Now living in West Hollywood, CA he is happy that he gets to wake up everyday doing what he loves.

He grew up in the same house all of his life in Howell, NJ with his mother working in the school system that he went to, his father a police officer and an older brother. Hockey was a huge part of his life and taught him you need a team in order to succeed no matter what you do in life.

Through his music he’s learned how to express his emotions in a very raw way as he continues to tell his story. After his best friend broke his neck playing hockey and was paralyzed from the neck down during his senior year of high school, his record “Miracle” took off and all proceeds continue to go towards his foundation. 2018 he hopes to continue to grow his music and slowly build a strong catalogue of records that show what he’s capable of creating.

In this episode Indy discusses helping his neighbor build a successful app, why he only lasted 1 semester at West Virginia University, working for his Uncle’s funeral business and what it taught him, how even the people that we think might have it all figured out in life don’t, teaching other people that you can do whatever you want because there are no boundaries and no matter what you do - make sure you enjoy it.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Who Indy is today (4:10)

    • 21 years young recording artist happy as hell doing what he loves

  • Born & raised in the same house in Howell, NJ (5:35)

    • Mother worked at the school he went to

    • One older brother, two years older than him. Both played hockey growing up and clicked well.

    • Hockey taught him you need a team to succeed

  • Mother taught him to put other people before you, be honest and to never be harsh (11:00)

    • Father taught him to do exactly what you want to do otherwise you’ll be miserable

  • Helped his neighbor create designs & logos for his website's (12:55)

    • Simply Shop App was created to help people find specific items in stores by using their GPS

    • Working alongside him he was exposed to how business was handled

  • Went to college at West Virginia to play Division 1 Club hockey for one semester (21:45)

    • Transferred to community college back home for Spring/Summer semester

    • Realized he was following the steps people wanted him to take - not necessarily what he wanted to do

  • Working for his Uncle’s funeral business and for State Senator Jennifer Beck (27:25)

  • Senior year of high school his best friend broke his neck playing hockey and was paralyzed from the neck down (31:40)

    • Wrote his song “Miracles” for him and donated all the proceeds from the song to his foundation

  • Got inspired to start writing music from being surrounded by his brother who is a multi instrumentalist (33:25)  

  • Music has shaped him into a better person by developing more honesty when he explains things (37:55)

    • Learned how to express his emotions in a very raw way

  • Built his relationship with Sony Music from an A&R that scouted him at a show (44:05)

    • Signed with them for two years for an advance, 70/30 split and he owns his Masters

  • 2018 he wants to put out as much music as he can and grow his following incrementally (48:05)

    • Wants 10+ songs to have 2 million streams so that he has records in his back catalogue

  • If he wrote a book today, he’d title it “All Figured Out” (49:25)

    • Sometimes even the people in our life that we think have it all figured out don’t actually do.

  • Best piece of advice he’s ever received (53:40)

    • You have to put your ego down because that person means nothing & you should never let that get to your head - Huey Mack  

    • It’s not always about making a big hit when it comes to music - Sammy Adams

  • Indy’s purpose (57:55)

    • To teach other people that you can do what you want to do, there are no boundaries.

    • You truthfully can do whatever you want in life

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (63:20): What does it mean to you to be surrounded by other entrepreneur/passionate people?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see (69:30)

    • Couple dogs, parents, brother, his girlfriend, two kids taken in the backyard of his house in New Jersey that he grew up in

  • Social media

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (71:05)

    • Find people like you and be inspired by them, it’ll help you stay on track

    • Make sure what you’re choosing to do is chosen for the right reasons and you’re doing it for yourself

    • Have fun while doing it