Episode 100 - Jakob Owens : People Who Really Do Want It Can Make It Happen

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Jakob Owens is a director, editor, adventurer, bearded brother and absolute beast from Tempe, Arizona. Today his YouTube channel “TheBuffNerds” sits at 761k subscribers with over 251+ Million views where he posts music videos, tutorials, behind the scenes and travel films.

With a passion for film, he attended Arizona State University and got accepted into their film school. While there, he was making music videos with KYLE and Futuristic as they were early on in their careers.

After graduating he moved to Los Angeles which wasn’t easy at first since he was a homebody. As he landed bigger opportunities, he knew he had made the right decision.

He credits eating healthy and working out help his creative process. When there’s downtime in between jobs, he can be found putting together PDF books for his followers, purchasing a new home (he now owns 3, 2 of which are for rent via Airbnb) or traveling somewhere in the world with his camera by his side.

In this episode Jakob discusses not reaching his full potential is what scares him the most. No matter how much time you spend on something it will never be perfect. Focusing on one task at a time is important. What can you do today that will take you one step forward and the people who really do want it can make it happen.


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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Raised in Tempe, Arizona, Jakob has always been a homebody. As a kid, he rarely would sleep at a friends house (5:35)

  • Was always creating as a kid. Started a magazine for the neighborhood he grew up in, designed shoes, created card games etc (7:50)

  • Had a great relationship with his younger brother Derek. Witnessed him go through 2 open heart surgerys (11:05)

  • Making a video for his high school football team was a moment of realization that film was what he wanted to do (15:55)

  • Attended Arizona State University and continued to pursue filmmaking at their film school (14:20)

  • Making free music videos for Kyle, Futuristic, Samson, David Morris (formerly D-Why) (30:30)

  • BuffNerds Media YouTube Channel 760k Subscribers, over 251+ Million views (34:20)

  • People who really do want it can make it happen (37:20)

  • Fitness + eating healthy plays into the creative mindset (44:10)  

  • Owns 3 houses (2 of which are rented for Airbnb), sells PDF files and knows how to make his money work hard for him (49:25)

  • Make goals but have a plan of action of how to attack them (53:20)

  • Moving to Los Angeles was tough. Jakob called his mom crying within a week unsure if it was the right decision (54:27)

  • Fan Question 1 from Allen: Biggest struggle Jakob has faced in the freelance world? Answer: Having downtime (68:20)

  • Fan Question 2 from Rey: How does views count shape the way you create? How has it changed over your career? (73:40)

  • You have to learn how to adapt and adjust to the environment (77:00)

  • Not reaching to his full potential is what scares him the most (85:00)

  • Create, inspire and help people is Jakob’s purpose (91:55)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: Do you take care of the beard? Will you ever shave it off? #BeardTalk (103:20)

  • Where to find Jakob on social media

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

    • YouTube

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (111:45)

    • Work on one thing every single day that is going to put you one step closer toward your goal

    • Treat people as best as you can. People want to be around / work with good people.