Episode 71 - Jeremiah Davis: There Are No Limits

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Jeremiah Davis aka “That One Blond Kid” spends half of the year living in Venice Beach, CA and the other half traveling as a videographer & content creator for influencers, brands and artists. Raised in Claremont, CA he was surrounded by three older brothers and a very supportive family. Baseball was one of his early passions and by the time he made it to college he tossed the towel in and focused on his camera.

His life took a turn when he slid through the DM of Rory Kramer, a professional videographer and brought him value by shooting drone footage for him. He would go on to connect with Dave Lingwood, a member of MTV’s The Buried Life and was soon traveling the world with The Chainsmokers with full creative control. Back in September of 2017 his Snapchat Discover Series “Without Limits” launched which was him and his friends traveling around the world pushing themselves to do unimaginable things that most people wouldn’t dare to do. If you live in Los Angeles look up in the sky because you might see him jumping out of a plane or even a hot air balloon.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is that there are no limits. You want to travel the world and get paid to do it? Find a way. You’d like to own your own restaurant and be the head chief? It’s for sure possible. You wanna become the next top podcaster? Well… you’re up against me but don’t let that stop you. There are no limits to what we can or can’t do in this world and it’s up to us to find that way.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Format Podcast)

  • 24 Years young, who spends half the year living in Venice Beach, CA and the other half traveling as a videographer & content creator for influencers, brands, artists (3:15)

  • Grew up in Claremont, CA surrounded by 3 olders brothers. Baseball was huge in his community and for him (4:05)

  • Not having money or resources readily available for him helped in his favor. Learned how to make the best with what he had in front of him (5:40)

  • High school, being on the baseball team and not be interested in drinking alcohol which other kids were doing (11:10)

  • Got recruited to play college ball & lost his scholarship money after signing to the school (12:55)

  • Study abroad in both South Africa & Fiji with a summer backpack trip through Spain (18:55)

  • Sliding into the DM’s of Rory Kramer (Star of MTV’s Dare To Live, Professional Videographer) & bringing value to him by shooting drone footage (24:00)

  • Connecting with Dave Lingwood from The Buried Life (34:25)

  • Traveling the world with The Chainsmokers and being given full creative control (39:05)

  • “Without Limits” was a Snapchat show he created with his friends traveling around the world (45:15)

  • Climbing the tallest building in Los Angeles (51:15)

  • Instagram Collaboration where he takes submitted footage from his followers and makes a video (55:00)

  • Jumping out of planes, hot air balloons and climbing to the peaks of buildings (62:00)

  • Do What You Can’t caption inspired from Casey Neistat (67:15)

  • We don’t need to have it all figured out but set your goals high (72:00)

  • Jeremiah's purpose is to give affirmation, confidence and proof to kids that aspire to be like him that it’s possible (75:45)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: Who do you want to get on the podcast? What was the biggest hurdle moving to LA? (77:45)

  • Picture frame 10 years from now surrounded by people that’ve supported him since the beginning (83:55)

  • Where to find on social media: ThatOneBlondkid

  • Finding a passion you must create everyday, produce content as fast as possible and take care of the people that are closest to you (86:10)