Episode 15 - Joamil Rodriguez: : Living And Creating Experiences Daily

Joamil Rodriguez is in business for the all the right reasons. From a young age he had interests for sneakers and fashion so it would only make sense that he would eventually own his own shop, Laced Boston.

Laced is much bigger than just your ordinary retail location. When you walk into their store in the heart of the South End of Boston on 426 Massachusetts Ave, you’re walking into a community that has made sure to leave an impact.

They host meet & greets of both underground/national artists which has given their customers the opportunity to meet their favorite artists for most of the time free of charge. They created the academic incentive program which they select ten students & as long as they remain on honor roll through the school year they’re allowed to have any one pair of shoes of their choice. Laced isn’t just another a store - it's a place that serves its community.  

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person” - Paul Shane Spear 

You might not have the capability of changing the world but you sure can change the life of one single person. Play your role because if everyone did so… we would be living in a much better universe.

Get to know Joamil & his story in this week’s episode.


Podcast Outline

  • Who is Joamil Rodriguez today?

  • Growing up in Boston, what was the young Joamil into?

    • How much the city has changed over the years

    • What Boston has to offer that no other city does

  • Laced Boston (Living and creating experiences daily)

    • Purchased the store in 2010 from the original owner

  • Shift from in-store retailing to online as an industry

  • Building a relationship with Nike & opening an account with them

    • Purchasing products 6-months ahead of time & the difficulty of forecasting sales

  • Taking the Laced brand to a national level (Laced Los Angeles, Laced Toyko)

  • The pop-up shop culture in the retail world today

    • “Pablo” pop-up for Kanye West

  • Meet & Greet with underground & nationally known artists that got booked in town

    • Marketing tactics to building the Laced Brand

  • Building the right relationships with the right people

  • Academic Incentive Program

    • 10 students selected, if on honor role they pick any sneaker they want

  • 10 Year Anniversary raffle

    • December 31st final day to enter - free Laced products (Lacedboston.com)

  • Someone who is considering opening their own store what would you say

    • Go for it, start small & learn

  • Learning more from failures rather than successes

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • With girlfriend, his dogs, sitting on a throne

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question?

    • Why don’t you have a job after graduating from Bentley University?

  • Where can people find Joamil on social media?

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone on the pursuit of their own passion?  

    • Go for it, don’t wait for the right opportunity

    • Think outside of the box

    • Find a void & fill it