Episode 94 - Jordan Levine : Roll The Dice

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Jordan Levine is the tour manager for recording artist Bazzi and works alongside Wasted Potential, an all around design & management company in the music industry.

Raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois he always had an interest in being involved in the music industry. In high school he began to realize that he could do anything that he wanted and found ways to get involved. He booked his first show, flew in an artist from out of state and brought in 150+ people from surrounding high schools. Although money was lost, it was a starting point for him.

After graduating from the University of Iowa in 2016, he locked in a gig to sell merch for Huey Mack on tour alongside Sammy Adams. From there, things started to pick up.

He tour managed JMSN, did a one off show with Quincy, traveled 34 cities across the nation + 10 European stops with Witt Lowry and had a chance to be an assistant tour manager for G-Eazy.

Today he’s working full-time for Bazzi as they head out on The Cosmic Tour and get ready to head to Europe alongside Justin Timberlake for The Man Of The Woods Tour.

In this episode Jordan discusses how your personality, character, willingness to learn and grind is what will land you the right opportunities. Be patient, things won’t always happen right away. The way you carry yourself is key, BE confident and why sometimes we have to roll the dice.




Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois (4:44)

  • Attended University Of Iowa (8:04)

  • Gaining confidence and realizing he could do anything that he wanted (11:49)

  • Booking his first show in high school and finding his love for music (13:44)

  • Selling Merch for Huey Mack on Jordan’s first tour with Sammy Adams (15:14)

  • Tour managing for JMSN and learning on the fly (21:49)

  • Traveling across the nation (34 cities) + Europe (10 cities) with Witt Lowry (25:34)

  • Being an assistant tour manager for G-Eazy (31:09)

  • Connecting with Bazzi and becoming his tour manager (37:19)

  • Being part of Wasted Potential, a full service creative agency for the music industry (44:29)

  • Living in the moment, seeing where it takes him and then decide what’s best for him (46:54)

  • It’s about your personality, your character and willingness to learn + grind (50:24)

  • Best piece of advice he’s ever received was to always play the long game (51:44)

  • Having his laptop and time alone is a must in his day-to-day schedule (53:54)

  • Jordan’s purpose is to show people that anybody can be anything (56:00)

  • Roll The Dice (57:51)

  • Ask Bobbbay 1 question: What do you think is your most marketable quality? (59:49)

  • Picture of Jordan on the wall 10 years from now (63:19)

  • Find Jordan on social media

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (67:04)

    • Put yourself out there. Nobody is going to come to you, reach out to them

    • Be patient, things won’t always happen right away

    • Don’t always jump at the first thing that comes. Know your value

    • The way you carry yourself is key - be confident