Episode 25 - Jordan Wozy: People Are Always Watching You Even When You Least Expect It

jordan wozy

jordan wozy

Episode 25: Originally from Indiana, Jordan Wozy had an opportunity to play football at Fullerton College in Orange County, CA. After having to redshirt his second year there, he started to lose interest in the game & dropped out to follow his creative passions. Over the next few years he began offering to work for free so that he could get experience & build relationships that he knew would pay off in the long-term. Whether its photography, videography, or graphic design, Wozy makes sure to get quality final products to his clients in a timely manner. This is one of  the biggest lessons he learned from his mentor. Just a few months back, he partnered and launched a clothing brand, Sheeesh World, with hip-hop artist Futuristic that empowers people who’ve found their passion to continue to shock the world. We discuss how to make the best of the resources available to you, being in the right place at the right time, sticking to a vision & understanding that people are watching you at all times on this week’s podcast with Jordan Wozy.

Podcast Outline:

  • Who is Jordan Wozy today?

  • Grew up in Indiana

  • Went to Fullerton College in Orange County, CA to play football

    • Had to redshirt his second year - started to lose fire for the game & thought in the long-term there wasn’t anything promising

    • Dropped out to pursue his creative passions

  • Began offering service for free at first in order to get exposure & build with people

    • Knowing that in the long-term it’ll pay off with the relationships he could build

  • Being in Los Angeles has opened doors to plenty of opportunities & relationship building

  • People are watching you at all times even when you least expect it

    • Sticking to what you think is dope & putting it out there

    • Not getting caught up in the likes, plays & other statistics

  • Watching tour videos in junior high inspired Wozy to pick up a camera

    • Playing video games like Halo & Forza were first taste of creating

    • Started making hype up videos for the football team when he got to CA

    • Started with iPhone → Go Pro → T3i while editing photos on his phone

  • Utilizing resources he had access to & made the best of every situation

  • Jacob Owens playing a key role as a mentor for him

    • Contacted him at first to do behind the scenes work for him which gave Wozy an opportunity to build with established artists

    • Taught him to get product to the people he was working with as fast as possible. It challenged him & forced him to get things done quickly

  • Saw Futuristic open for Mike Stud in Summer 2015

    • Wozy’s friend got Kodebreaks number & went to a show the next night

    • Shot & edited his crowd dunk from the show. Stayed in contact over the next few months

  • Contacted Marc E. Bassy mgmt to shoot for him at Anaheim show with SuperduperKyle  

    • Lot of connections started being built

    • Futuristic asked Wozy to go on tour with him, Huey Mack & Goody Grace

  • “Coast 2 Coast” was first album cover that he shot & designed

    • Collab project between Futuristic & Devvonn Terrell

  • Partnered with Futuristic & launched “Sheeesh World” clothing line

    • Clothing, music playlist & platform for creative content

    • Wozy handles all creative side of brand

    • “Shock the world” is the idea behind the brand & wants to align people with similar vibe for their passion

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now of Jordan Wozy, what/who do we see?

    • Working on music videos & movies in studios on big budgets with his friend Gabe Rubiano

    • Putting himself on the other side of the camera at some point to understand their shoes better

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question: How long have you been growing the beard?

  • Where to find Jordan Wozy on social media?

    • Jordan  -  @J_Wozy  

    • Clothingline- Sheeesh World

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice to someone trying to find their own passion/purpose?

    • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone - explore & try new things

    • Keep pushing & don’t stop even if people don’t think its “cool”

    • Never give up & continue to hustle