Episode 65 - Joshua Ryan Brenner: It's You Versus You


While interning Joshua got a taste of the corporate world and realized it wasn’t for him. He had spent a month in both Moscow and Tokyo, a little bit of time in Israel and seeing how people lived in different parts of the world as well as how they interacted with one another changed his perspective. He realized that with the short amount of time we do have we must find something we love to do and thus how he stumbled into acting.

Chicago, IL was where he was raised. A city full of people that were down to earth, very organized and filled with excellent food. He had some family issues that impacted him heavily early on and it was tough for him to make friends but as time went he grew more confident in himself. After spending sometime at Parkland Community College, he dropped out at 22 to bet on professional football and traded stocks. It got so intense that he moved to Las Vegas for six months with one of his friends.

After getting his feet wet with acting in Chicago he took his talents out to Los Angeles and attended Stella Adler Academy of Acting. In order to become one of the greats one must be willing to get back up millions of times even after falling on your face. Being vulnerable, open, studying the script, fully submerging yourself into the role, taking what you’ve learned and making it yours all needs to happen before the cameras start rolling. At 27 years young, Joshua is a humble, hungry and is doing whatever it takes to make it in the industry.

In this episode Joshua discusses valeting cars was one of his favorite jobs as a kid, two roles in his acting career that have impacted him the most, we all have different paths in life so things will happen when they happen, the law of attraction, traveling and observing everything around you, why we should put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, being honest with people and calls it how he sees it, wanting to add more structure to his life, you’re in complete control of how you react to situations it’s all about perspective and the only person you’re fighting is the one you see in the mirror.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Who is Joshua Ryan Brenner today and how young is he? (3:20)

    • 27 years young striving/hungry actor that is willing to do whatever it takes to make it

  • Grew up in Chicago, IL (5:30)

    • People of the city are very down to earth, the city is very organized with great food

  • Had some family issues growing up that really impacted him (10:15)

    • Was tough for him to make friends

    • Learned that the only person you can count on is you & don’t rely on other people

  • Valeting cars when he was 17 was one of his favorite jobs growing up (12:40)

    • Got a taste of driving luxury cars and loved it

    • Learned how to communicate with people from serving in restaurants

  • Spent sometime at Parkland Community at University of Illinois (15:55)

    • Dropped out at 22 to bet on professional football and traded stocks

    • Lived in Las Vegas for six months at one point

  • Interned for someone and got a taste of the corporate world and realized it wasn’t for him (19:45)

    • Spent a month in Moscow and Tokyo and sometime in Israel

    • Gave him a different perspective of the world because of how people interact, the gap in classes (wealthy to poor) and it made him into a man

  • Acting is about telling the truth and being vulnerable/open (24:05)   

    • Whatever role you get, you got that role because you showed another version of yourself

    • You can learn from teachers but you have to take what you want and make it yours

  • There is tons of preparation for acting before the cameras start rolling (25:40)

    • Read over that scene’s script, interpret it how you would and portray it how you believe best fits for the scenario  

  • Moved out to Los Angeles to attend Stella Adler Academy of Acting (30:15)

    • Professional conservatory is a two year program, Joshua spent six months there and realized it wasn’t for him

  • Thus far along the journey there have been two roles that stand out the most (33:15)  

    • While in Chicago, there was a scene with a grandfather that had alzheimer's that was relatable to Josh’s personal life

    • Since being in LA he got to play a role in a mock “The Departed” scene as Leonardo Dicaprio

  • To become one of the greats like Denzel Washington, you must be willing to get back up (41:45)

    • We all have certain paths in life, it’ll happen when it happens

    • If you see it and feel it, it will happen

    • The only person you’re fighting is the one you see in the mirror  

  • Let go of all the anger, it’s all about perspective no matter what situation you’re in (49:10)

    • You can choose to be angry/depressed OR you can choose be happy/grateful

    • We can’t control the choices of other people but we can control how we react to it

  • Tells it how it is and will always be honest with you (53:15)

    • Straight to the point and will keep it real

  • Looking to add more structure to his life (56:45)

    • Jumps on opportunities when they present themselves but is looking to fill up his schedule around the clock

  • The purpose of Joshua Ryan Brenner (58:40)

    • Wants to make people happy while doing what he loves

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (61:40)

    • How long are you going to grow the beard for?

    • Where do you see Purpose in the Youth going / what do you want from it?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now of Joshua (69:10)

    • A-list actor, surrounded by wife, wants nothing more than to be a father and provide for a child someday, living in LA/Chicago, beautiful home, surrounded by friends/family, a dog and ultimately the American dream to be happy

  • Where to find Josh on social media (73:00)

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (74:20)

    • Travel, observe people and get an idea of what this world has to offer

    • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations

    • Set goals and be realistic with yourself