Episode 102 - Justin Escalona : Be Open To The Roller Coaster

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Justin Escalona is a YouTuber, filmmaker, entrepreneur, model and soon to be A&R. He’s the creator of YouTube series “Daily Docs” and the founder of 1340 Collective. He has brand deals with AxeReebok and was even the face of Journey’s which landed him on the front cover of their magazine.

Raised in Palatine, Illinois, hockey and film were two of his biggest passions. After being rejected by every film school he applied to, he got accepted to the University of Southern California and headed west for college.

Wanting to force himself to create on a daily basis he launched “Daily Docs” documenting his life in Los Angeles. Fast forward to Season 4 that fired up in August, the series has completely elevated as he travels to different cities, concerts and events throughout the country.

His clothing brand 1340 Collective started in his dorm room and has grown into a Million dollar business. He held his first pop-up shop on Melrose here in LA back in July and looks to bring this idea to other cities in the future.

What’s next for him? Full Circle, a tv series about things he enjoyed growing up and how it’s shaped him into who he is today as well as Escalona Music Group, an A&R group that helps connect young artists with the right people.

In this episode Justin discusses if you’re confident with what you do people will respect you, take time to build relationships with your customers, don’t put all your eggs into one basket, treat everyone with the same respect and be open to the roller coaster.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Raised in Palatine, Illinois. A hotbed of social media kids like David Dobrik (6:45)

  • Enjoyed hockey, golf, diving & gymnastics growing up (10:35)

  • Our Pizza Gang (OPG) YouTube channel with friends in high school hit 240k subs (14:40)

  • Applied to every top film school and got rejected by all of them except University of Southern California (18:35)

  • Starts up “Daily Docs” YouTube vlog series as a means to force himself to create everyday (23:35)

  • Full Circle, a tv series about things Justin did growing up and how it’s shaped him into who he is today (29:55)

  • 1340 Collective, hosting a pop-up shop on Melrose & turning it into a Million dollar clothing business (32:15)

  • Being selected as the Face of Journey’s. Front page of their magazine, on the walls in their stores (42:00)

  • The process of building brands relationships with Axe + Reebok. Instagram brand deals are the new gold rush. (45:25)

  • Escalona Music Group, an A&R group that helps connect young artists with the right people (52:05)

  • “If I can find a way to make things easier, let’s do it” (57:35)

  • Justin’s definition of success - how happy are you? (60:40)

  • Inspiring kids to find ways making money doing things they love is Justin’s purpose (62:50)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question - One tip you’d have for up-coming podcasters? (70:35)

  • Where to find Justin on social media

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (77:05)

    • Try as much as you can

    • If you’re young you have absolutely nothing to lose

    • Money doesn’t come as quickly as you want it to be