Episode 104 - Justin Odisho : Plant The Seed And Keep Watering It

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Justin Odisho is a YouTuber who has helped millions of aspiring creatives around the world through his tutorials for programs Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. One of his newest endeavors that he’s most excited about is his podcast, The Justin Odisho Podcast, where he interviews creatives and breaks down their story.

Raised in Detroit, Michigan he was a creative kid that enjoyed art classes. His parents encouraged him to learn and so he followed his interests which led him to photoshop and making montages for the video game Halo.

While studying at Oakland University majoring in Information Technology, he was spending a lot of time building up his YouTube channel. After taking a year off and having the itch to get back to it, he rebranded and began putting himself in the videos, trying out new content for the channel and finding the balance of what he enjoyed creating as well as what his audience was looking for. As of today, he has over 580k subscribers.

In this episode Justin discusses try new things until something clicks, as much as we want success we have to earn it, listening to people's stories are a really good way to learn, the three biggest life teachers  are heartbreak, empty pockets and failure and remember to plant the seed and keep watering it.

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Podcast Outline (Time Marker For Audio Version Only)

  • Grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Was a creative person as a kid (art classes / drawings etc) (8:50)

  • First experiences with photoshop, the “forum” world and editing montages for Halo (11:15)

  • Parents always encouraged Justin to learn/study (18:45)

  • Started at a community college, transferred to Oakland University and majored in Information  Technology (20:45)

  • Started uploading videos in 2007 but started his official YouTube Channel in 2011 creating photoshop tutorials (26:15)

  • Once you plant the seed (start a passion/project) keep watering it (35:54)

  • Stops uploading on YouTube for a year to focus on school. Strategized and came back with a rebrand by now showing Justin’s face on his videos (39:40)

  • Balancing making content what Justin enjoys and what your audience is looking for (50:05)

  • Starting The Justin Odisho Podcast. Stories are really good teachers. (53:30)

  • Three biggest life teachers: heartbreak, empty pockets & failure. Justin dealt with heartbreak which helped him find who he is & what he wants with his life (84:05)

  • Justin’s purpose is to be the example for the younger version of himself (92:10)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: What’s been the biggest struggle/challenge with podcasting that you’ve faced? (94:35)

  • Where to find Justin on social media

  • Best advice for finding a passion/purpose (106:45)

    • Take a close look at what you enjoy and find a way to make a living do it

    • Nobody really knows what they’re doing.

    • Be careful of the advice you listen too