Episode 31 - Kalie Ann: Understanding What You Bring to The Table and Finding The Right Fit

I was introduced to Kalie Ann just a few weeks back while in New York for business. I didn’t know much of her background. I knew she was in town to shoot a music video with Dylan Reese but other than that I wasn’t sure who she was. Not till later that night when she was on the bus ride back home did I get the full scoop on who she was. That's when I knew she was a fit for this podcast.

I don’t want to harp on it out too much, but the fact she is only eighteen blows my mind. Why, you might ask? This is a young woman who is way before her time. She carries herself professionally and has an air of confidence about her. Whether it’s in modeling or in the dancing world. She does both and kills it. She’s had her ups (taking a lead role in a music video and being featured in ‘Girls Magazine’) but she's also had her downs (being told no). All of this has pushed her along the journey to get her to where she is today.

This is a great example of someone who found their passion at an early age and has stayed committed to it, with an attitude of “figuring it out.” Most kids her age- seniors in high school- are out and about enjoying their final year before they move onto the next chapter of their lives. Kalie began her next chapter years ago when she told her parents dancing and modeling was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and has made the effort to work on it every single day.

There is Purpose in the Youth, and Kalie has found hers.

Episode Takeaway: Be ready for the biggest opportunity of your life at any moment. All it takes is one phone call or text message that could change your life and your career path. Stay focused on the present moment of what you can do today that will make you better for tomorrow and when the time comes… you’ll be ready to shine.


Podcast Outline

  • Who is Kalie Ann today?

  • Grew up Stratham, New Hampshire

  • Enjoyed dancing and school growing up but also became passionate with the Best Buddies program

    • Her friend started the program, she got involved and now is part of the leadership

  • Has always dreamed of becoming a dancer from an early age

    • Parents would always brush it off but the passion never left her

  • Watching MTV was inspired by the dancers she saw on the TV

  • Goes into high school for two classes and takes the rest of her courses online

    • Recognized junior year she was missing opportunities because she was in school

    • Has always been more future focused and doesn’t get caught up in the high school mindset

  • Isn’t someone who likes to hear “No”

    • Seeing small bits of her work paying off keeps her motivated

    • If she can accomplish these goals who is to say she can’t cross off some bigger items on the list

  • Started modeling when she was younger but recently signed to Dynasty Modeling Agency when she turned 18

    • Parents have always been more old-fashioned and traditional and fearful that she is taking the unconventional route

    • Father is a financial advisor and mother is a stay at home mom

  • Kalie brings her youth to the table for the model/agency world in this market (Boston)

    • Has a disadvantage with modeling because she is below what they look for (5’7.5)

    • Thinks strategically about where she fits, what companies she aligns the best with and is realistic about if an opportunity will work

    • Focused on what her brand is and what she represents

  • Dynasty Models and Talent - Boston based agency

    • They reach out to the big opportunities and serve as the middleman

    • Help guide the career path and provide as much value to Kalie as they can

  • Attending Elon University after she graduates from high school

    • They package their students and get them ready to be a working dancer for LA by the time they graduate

    • Plans to sign with a North Carolina based agency in the hopes to find opportunities while there for school

  • People like JoJo Gomez inspire her daily to become the best dancer she can be

    • She is someone who has worked hard to get to where she is today and hasn’t listened to the word no

    • Refuses to believe that she “can’t”

  • Recently featured in ‘Girl Magazine’

    • Online publication that embodies woman of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds

    • Started submitting photos from a shoot to magazines but everyone was saying no. Kept sending it out and finally heard back that ‘Girl’ wanted to feature it

  • Was in Jeffrey Miller’s music video - vine star that blew up

    • Got a text the day before the shoot to be the female lead in the video

    • Connections that she was making previously were finally paying off

  • Had to chose between dancing or modeling she’d pick dancing

    • Its a therapeutic outlet and nothing in the world else matters. Feels 110% herself when shes dancing

  • Most thankful for the support she has been getting from family and friends

    • Best friend Maddie has been her second agent and encourages her

  • One lesson she’s learned about life is the importance of self love

    • You need to be sure of yourself and sure what you bring to the table is enough regardless if people say no

    • If you’re unsure people will step on you and will hold you back from other opportunities

    • Accepts her flaws as much as she accepts the positive aspects of herself - keeps her motivated

  • If Kalie had to cross off an item on the bucket list she’d go skydiving

  • One way ticket to anywhere in the world she’d go to Dubai

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question: What were you like in high school and what did you think you wanted to do?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • By the age of 25 be on a world tour as a backup dancer and by 28 have more than one tour

    • Have an established name in LA as a dancer. As long as she is well respected in the industry - isn’t worried about the money

  • People chase Instagram fame and get caught up in the numbers and equate that to their talent level

    • If the platform disappears tomorrow what else do they have? People get caught up in building their social media platforms

  • Find Kalie on social media

    • IG/Twitter: _KalieAnn_

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for people trying to find their passion/purpose

    • Pretend the money didn’t exist, what do you genuinely enjoy to do and gets you excited/hyped up

    • Take what you love and run with it and build off it

    • Ignore the rest of the world and be present with yourself on what makes you truly happy