Episode 13 - Kristen Bousquet: Things Just Happen Even Without a Plan

Kristen Bousquet & I met years ago back when a friend of mine had moved to the next town over. I was bitter at first that my best friend was moving away but things happen for a reason & this episode never would’ve been possible if he hadn’t moved so… shoutout to Nick H!

I think whats hard for a lot of people is that we want to have a “plan” for what is next in life or where we will be in the next couple years. We want that guaranteed satisfaction of knowing exactly what is going to happen before it does. We can debate all day long which is better to live a life of unknown or to have the steps planned out accordingly but in any event we can agree that it is important to have a vision. Kristen is a great example.

Starting her fashion blog “Stylish & Sequence” in high school, she knew that fashion was where she wanted to be, she just didn’t know yet exactly where she would fit in the industry. After having an uncomfortable experience taking her senior photos and having gotten her feet dirty taking pictures of her friends, she decided to launch her own photography business. Eventually she ended up in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology & because of her blog she was able to land a writing internship with a major fashion company, Stylecaster. There is so much more of one thing happening then leading to another opportunity at only 22-years old & we go into depth of her story in the podcast.

Trust that everything happens for a reason and follow through with opportunities that would put you in a better position than you were before. Internships are a great way to get a taste of what you think you would like to do before fully committing to the career/industry. Building relationships will take you to the mountains if you’re genuine and give more than you ask for in return. Get to know Kristen & her story in Episode 13 of the podcast.



Podcast Outline:

  • Who is Kristen Bousquet today?

  • Launched Stylish & Sequence (fashion blog) in high school (2010) because of interest in the industry

    • Good foot in the door and allowed her to showcase her love for fashion

    • Landed Kristen an internship at StylerCaster

  • Bad experience with senior picture photographer led to her launching ‘Bousquet Photo’ (2012)

    • “I never planned to be a photographer it kind of just happened”

    • Followed what seemed like the right thing to do

  • Spent a semester at community college then went to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City

    • Experience going from a small town in Massachusetts to one of the biggest cities in the world

    • Biggest lesson learned outside of the classroom

  • Internship at StyleCaster & Cosmopolitan led to freelancing opportunities

    • “You need to intern more to find out what you don’t like”

    • Started at StyleCaster at its beginning stages & has been part of the team as it has grown over the years

  • Started to write for Elite Daily as well to stay busy

  • Launched The Beauty Studio (2015) with her best friend Marsia

    • Working at Sephora with Marsia they both wanted more control & freedom

    • Took Marcia's talents (make-up & hair) & Kristen’s (make-up & photography) and launched the business  

    • Plans over the next one - three years

  • Picture frame on the wall of Kristen in 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • Sitting in New York City apartment with her dogs & a bottle of moscato

    • Importance of writing things down & scheduling out what needs to get done

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question

    • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

  • Where can people find Kristen on social media?

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone trying to find their passion/purpose?

    • Internship & learn from your experience if it's what you want to do

    • Experiment with different groups & clubs in college

    • Being open minded & being passionate with that you do… Don’t listen to anyone that tells you no


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