Episode 21 - Madeleine Byrne: Having Confidence In Yourself Before Anyone Else Does

From childhood to our teenage years & then by the time we are in our early twenties we will all change quite a bit. How we view the world, how we look & just about a million other things. What’s interesting is that some of the things we enjoy today… we can most likely connect back to our younger years.

Madeleine Byrne grew up an only child right outside of San Francisco. Instead of occupying herself by playing outside like most kids her age, she found interest in something else. Sitting in front of a camera recording herself for hours & creating her own skits. Little did she know at the time, this was the beginning of something big.

She went to California Polytechnic State University to pursue a degree in nutrition but quickly realized it was not meant to be. Instead, she decided to pursue a degree in graphic communication. After graduating, she stayed in the area for a year before packing up her bags and moving south to Los Angeles with plans to pursue some type of acting career.

Along this journey she was inspired to start making comedy videos. Fortunately for her, she had much practice- having been in front of the camera for years already- so this was second nature to her. She started to put out videos. Even when her videos only had ten views (most of which were friends & family), she had her eyes on the bigger picture & never lost sight of her vision.

She finally caught a break and her videos started to gain traction. What started as something only being shared by friends and family was now being viewed by people all across the world. She started leveraging her following and growth to open up more doors. Opportunities have been rolling in since. For Madeleine, this is just a the start of the bigger picture of what she would like to accomplish in the next ten years, a list which includes standup comedy, being part of big screen films, and singing. Nothing has stopped her from doing what she loves & she will continue to do so as she grows & advances in her career.

Episode takeaway: Understand that people become great at what they do because they put in the time to do so. Be patient & have confidence that you too can also become extraordinary.  


  • Who is Madeleine Byrne today?

  • Grew up outside of San Francisco as an only child

    • Involved with theater camp at a young age

  • Went to California Polytechnic State University “Cal Poly”

    • Went for nutrition & graduated with Graphic Communication major

  • Moved to LA initially to become an actor

  • One of Madeleine’s first videos that started moving

    • “How girls take photos vs how guys think girls take photos”

    • Most recently “Not wanting to go to the gym” did 20+ million views

  • What's allowed Madeleine to be comfortable in front of the camera?

    • She feels good about herself just being by herself

      • Doesn’t feel the need to be validated

  • Aside from the videos being funny, the broader message of the videos

    • Giving people a chance to escape reality

    • Chance to bring light on subjects that aren’t talked about as much

  • Content creation is all on Madeleine with a few collaborations with social media influencers

  • Broader life lessons this whole experience so far has taught her

    • To be confident in yourself

    • Not to compare yourself to other people

  • Knowing that opportunities can pop up at any moment in time

    • All it takes is one e-mail or phone call to change everything

  • Something she would like to change about herself

    • Changing from an introvert & was more social

  • What motivates Madeleine to get out of bed everyday

    • If nothing is scheduled for the day she has to create something to feel she accomplished something that day

  • Something or someone that inspires her everyday

    • Madeleine’s parents keep on track with her progress & are always pushing her

    • Having good creative people around her in LA that always want to work

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • Helping to write a show & be part of it / working on films

    • Stand up comedy once or twice

    • Do something that involves singing

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question

    • Who inspired you to create & inspires you in general?

  • Where can people find Madeleine on social media?

    • Instagram/Twitter: @MadeleineByrnee

    • Facebook: @ImMadeleineByrne

    • Snapchat: @MadisRad640

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone on the pursuit of their own passion?

    • Spend sometime alone & think about what you want

    • Write down your goals

    • Knowing things won’t always work for you that work for other people