Episode 93 - Matt D'Avella : Creating + Building An Audience Is Difficult

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Matt D’Avella is the host of The Ground Up Show podcast as well as the director behind Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things.

Raised in Lebanon Township, New Jersey he was the third of seven children. He found his passion for film early on and instead of sitting in the cafeteria in high school during lunch, he would spend any and all free time editing. At one point he and his brother Mark created a parody rap video Produce Paradise inside the grocery store they worked which landed them a 7 Million Dollar lawsuit. Fortunately for them they’ll got off the hook from paying and walked away with a check for $3,500.  

After graduating from Temple University, $117k in student loans, having just purchased a brand new car and living at home, he would go on to pay off all of his debt within four years strictly from freelancing and understanding how to be smart with his money.

With an email from Joshua Fields Millburn about an idea to create a documentary for The Minimalists, he was all on board. Passionate about the message, he spent  the next three years putting together this project. With zero expectations of what would come of the final product, the documentary landed on Netflix.

Today his passion project is The Ground Up Show, a weekly podcast that inspires creatives to make shit happen. Over the past 66 plus episodes he’s talked with comedians, athletes, musicians and other creatives. If you asked him who his dream guest would be it’s simple - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He even has a seperate website dedicated to getting him on the show.

In this episode he discusses why we should never have any expectations, anything is possible if you have the right intentions, why we must respect people's time, the importance of having a balanced lifestyle, you have to earn people’s respect and how creating and building an audience is difficult.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Podcast)

  • Born & raised in Lebanon Township, New Jersey. 7 brothers/sisters, Matt was the 3rd. (11:30)

  • Found his passion for film/video early on. Would skip lunch in high school just to sit and edit. (14:20)

  • Created Produce Paradise, a parody rap video that landed him & his brother Mark a 7 Million Dollar lawsuit   (15:40)

  • Attended Bloomsburg University for two years then transferred to Temple University (20:30)

  • Graduated college, owes $117k in student loans, purchases a brand new car and pays it off in 4 years (28:05)

  • Director behind Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things (42:20)

  • Continue to not have expectations & anything is possible if you have the right intentions (51:00)

  • Bringing The Ground Up Show Podcast to life (54:15)

  • The process of reaching out to guests, prepping, conducting and distributing a podcast (62:45)

  • Respecting people’s time (68:50)

  • Having a website (GetTheRockOnMattsPodcast.com) dedicated to getting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on his podcast (72:05)

  • Growing his YouTube from 3k Subscribers to 130k+ in 3 months (91:10)

  • Matt’s purpose is to show people you can have a balanced lifestyle and still accomplish your goals (98:40)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: What is your most ambitious goal? (102:05)

  • Picture frame 10 years from now: Matt and The Rock (106:15)

  • Where to find Matt + the podcast on social media

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (109:40)

    • Start a 401k

    • You don’t have to have just 1 passion / try different things