Episode 44 - Matty Lohmann: Expect The Unexpected

Back in October 2016, I flew out to tour manage Dylan Reese as he had lined up a couple shows out in the Midwest with Huey Mack. We were going to be traveling with Huey and his crew for the shows and during our off days, Huey had shows with Boston’s own Sammy Adams for his ‘The Long Way Tour’. This is when I was first introduced to Matty Lohmann.

I do a bit of research on every guest before any podcasting is recorded so I know what I am getting into and have somewhat of an idea of what has been happening in this person’s life over the last couple years. It keeps the energy and conversation flowing, but it is also necessary if you’re trying to become the best interviewer in the world. However, there are certain things you simply could not find online even if you looked all day such as Matty coming close to being homeless during his freshmen year of high school and the exact point of this podcast: capturing the honest stories of passionate people.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit intimidated by Matty when I first met him. He was the camera guy for an artist that I had been following since I was a freshmen in highschool back in 2008 so just seeing him associated with Sammy made me think “this kid must be doing something right.”

When it comes down to it, Matty is no different than any of us chasing a dream. He had his struggles when he was younger as so many of us face growing up and he was able to overcome it and push forward. Fortunately for him, he found his passion at an early age and was able to continue to work on it to the point where it now allows him to make a living and travel the world doing it at just 21 years of age. As much as we want to just wake up and do what we love, there is no way of ever getting there unless we put in the work and grind to become the best. Matty did, so can you.

One of the takeaways from this episode is to expect the unexpected. After just a year working at CostCo, he quit his job wanting to put all of his time and energy into his camera and no more than just ten days later he was offered an opportunity to tour with Afrojack in Europe. Lucky timing? Maybe. No matter what side of the fence you’re on it's clear that even when you don’t think something could happen… it will.

Podcast Outline

  • Who is Matty Lohmann today?

    • 21 Years young videographer

  • From Irving, Texas (Dallas) for part of his childhood, then moved to Berryville, Virginia (outside Washington D.C.)

    • Father got pulled out there for a job with a hunting club

  • Going into high school Matty’s father lost his job and struggled to find his place

    • He was one of six children and they eventually lost their house (4:40)

    • Matt was the youngest and was trying to figure out things for himself while his siblings were older and on their way

  • Beginning of high school he was pretty close to being homeless (6:20)

    • Would leave and stay with friends whenever he could

    • Was a blessing in disguise because he had to learn how to be on his own early in his life

    • Even with the cards his father was dealt he still always found a way to make it work and supported the family

      • Matty’s motivation is to be able to give it all back to his father at some point

  • Picked up a camera for the first time in middle school

    • Lived in the country where he shot guns and road dirtbikes

    • Got his hands on a Flip Video camera and would mess around making home and action videos with his friend Dane Dunkin

  • In high school won a national video contest with his team and was awarded a check handed over by Mike Rowe

    • First year ever his school had a media class, joined it with his buddy Dane

    • Made a video for a statewide competition and won, then went to Skills U.S.A in Kansas City with 30,000 people in the arena  

  • Started working at Costco when he finished high school (14:00)

    • A lot of work but it helped pay the bills and provided him with benefits

    • After a year of working there, tired of not learning anything while on the job, he quit to pursue his video interests

      • 10 days later he ended up going on tour with Afrojack

  • Went to see DJ/producer Kap Slap in D.C. and started taking clips on a phone of the actual show performance  (18:00)

    • Made a video, put it on his instagram and Kap Slap’s manager found it

    • Asked him to come out to their next show, filmed it and met DJ Gozo, who flew him out to EDC New York

    • Got the greenlight to film Afrojack and ran with the opportunity (20:10)

  • Summer tour with Afrojack in Europe at 19 and had 0 travel experience

    • Flew in a private jet to London, Ibiza, Amsterdam etc

  • Was at West Virginia University, saw that Sammy Adams had a show in Fairmont and hit it off after that

    • Sitting on the tour bus and talking life with Sammy are some of the most memorable moments, overall genuine person (27:05)

    • Traveling city to city, living out a suitcase, partying a lot, waking up in a new city everyday and having to produce constant content is a rush  

  • Jumped on most of Party Thieves recent tour dates for “Grand Theft Army World Tour”

    • While in Australia they played a festival in New Castle, hopped on a flight and then played another in Brisbane on the same day (31:45)

    • Huge culture shock when he made it to India, seemed like there was a lot of corruption with the police and gangs

  • At this point Matty is trying to create his own lane for his art and isn’t trying to replicate anyones style  (36:00)

    • At the beginning it was good for inspiration and a way to learn but the people who’re at the top are there because it comes from originality

    • Once you get comfortable with your skills, that's when you chose to venture to create your own and hopefully inspire others

  • Matty is most grateful for his family and friends

    • His friend Ian (@Indyraps) gave him a place to crash and they’ve been able to help each other out along the way

  • Hoping on the tours have been “now or never” moments for him (40:50)

    • There isn’t always a budget for a videographer and there's a decision of “i’m not going to make that much money but I’m also not going to ever experience this again”

    • If you continue to pursue what you love the money will eventually come

  • Every person has 100% control over their own life

    • There are people that can help bring you to a certain point but you as a person still have the final say in what you do and the actions you take

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (44:30)

    • Who’ve you interviewed that has inspired you the most?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see in the picture?

    • Surrounded by all the people he came to the top with

  • Where to find Matty on social media

    • Instagram/Twitter: @MattyLohmann

    • Snapchat: Chief.Lohmann

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (50:40)

    • Keep going about your life and shy away from the things that don't make you happy

    • At some point you'll find something that sparks and you can make something of it

    • Don’t look so hard for it and expect the unexpected