Episode 70 - Mike Trueblood: Provide Happiness To Other People

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He is the tour manager for Louis the Child and just returned home after being on the road for eleven weeks with the crew. With his line of work he tries to lead by example, make sure the entire operation runs smoothly and most importantly he likes to be the person that brings everyone together to make them family. With just a few years shy of a decade of being on the road, Mike Trueblood has learned a lot about himself.

Being raised in the Northeast and dealing with the seasonal weather has helped shape him into who he is today. The cold winters make places such as LA feel like paradise. He spent a year a half at Roger Williams College in Rhode Island playing baseball and quickly realized this wasn’t meant for him so he took a year off from school to see what he could do next. The timing couldn’t have been better because his friends Carter (Episode 58) & Dave were sending him records of their early music, Mike would give them feedback and they would soon form a group by the name of AER.

In the beginning of AER Mike was just a homie there to help out and drive them to music videos in his mothers Toyota Highlander or one off shows. He was adding value in anyway that he could not because he was looking to get paid but because of the genuine friendships and believing they had what it took. As the group started to gain success he stepped in as their official Tour Manager and was driving all over the US with them. Eventually it led to him working with Hoodie Allen, Tribal Seeds, Chef’Special, Our Last Night, The Knocks, Lauv and now today Louis the Child.

In this episode Mike discusses realizing how important it is to take care of his health, his passion for people and wanting to bring the best out of them, hitting a crossroad and how he was able to get through it,  if given one token to call anyone to thank who that would be, appreciating what you have vs what you don’t have, not dwelling on the past - learn from it and keep moving forward, grab hold of something that interests you and see where you end up.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Who Mike Trueblood is today

  • Growing up in the Northeast (5:20)

    • The 4 seasons plays a role in shaping who you’re as a person

  • One of the only jobs he had before tour managing was painting and doing maintenance work for employers (7:45)  

    • Learned a lot about himself but also realized this was the type of work he would come back to if he didn’t figure things out

  • Spent a semester and a half at Roger Williams College playing baseball (10:25)

    • Started to fall out of love with the sport, took a year off from college and began to pivot his attention towards his friends new band AER after

    • Eventually stepped up as their tour manager

  • The roles and responsibilities of a tour manager (16:30)

    • You lead by example, make all the decisions on behalf of the crew and make sure everything is running smoothly. It’s important to solve problems as soon as they arise and to stay on top of it

  • 2014 was on the road for 231 days, 4 US tours, 2 regional tours, Europe tour, festivals/fly out dates (20:50)

    • Kept his head down, didn’t have much of a personal life that year while he was on the road split between AER and Hoodie Allen

    • Got sick towards the end of the year and realized how important it was to take care of himself and his health

  • Hit a crossroad when AER broke up and wasn’t sure what the next move was going to be (25:50)

    • Everything Mike had done up to that point was focused on the group and now it was about what he wanted to do

    • Continued to tour around with whatever gigs he could jump on (Tribal Seeds, Chef’Special, Our Last Night, The Knocks, Lauv, Louis the Child). No matter who he was on the road with, did whatever was necessary to make sure the artist was happy

  • Touring for almost six/seven years has taught him that he enjoys taking care of people (31:20)

    • Likes to be the person to bring everyone together and make them family. Human connection is his favorite part of the job

    • Sleep schedule and not having a gym routine is what he misses the most when on the road

  • One day would like to step out of the touring on the road but still be part of the industry (39:10)

    • When having conversations with managers or agents, he tries to understand their processes as it could be a possible pivot in the future

    • Wants to take what he’s learned from his experience of being on the road and add value to artists

  • Only regrets lie back in the day when he didn’t understand how smart he was (45:10)

    • Didn’t have the confidence that he has in himself today, it built up overtime

  • Something most might know about Mike (48:40)

    • Back in the early AER days, he used to rap and freestyle for hours

  • Given one token and could call anyone to thank he’d call his babysitter’s husband (51:05)

    • Parents got divorced when Mike was young and her husband stepped in his life as a father figure

    • Since being on the road he’s built up his relationship with his actual father over the years

  • Stays positive and appreciates what he does have vs what he doesn’t have (57:10)

    • When you hold onto the negativity/things you don’t have, you become more selfish

    • Let it it go, understand what has gone wrong, learn from it and move on

  • Mike’s purpose (60:15)

    • Provide other people with some type of happiness

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question (63:40)

    • When you’re looking for someone to bring on as a new guest, what’re you looking for?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who we see (71:05)

    • At the Grammys with his homies after winning an award drinking champagne

  • Find Mike on social media

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose

    • Grab hold of anything that might interest you, put a little bit of time into it and see where you end up

    • You’re going to learn more from your mistakes than your successes. Let those mistakes guide you.

    • Your little problems, it’s not that serious