Episode 80 - Nainoa Langer: Follow Your Stoke

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Nainoa Langer is a videographer who gets to travel the world and capture some breathtaking moments. Being raised in Moloaki, Hawaii, an island with 7,000 people on it he figured out early on that he wanted to experience more and always had the itch to see what else was out there. In order to get to where he is today it’s taken a bit of confidence, hard work and following his stoke.

Having no direction of what he wanted to do after high school he attended Honolulu Community College for three semesters pursuing welding. With an offer to work at a local hospital and make good money he decided to leave school and start a career. While on break from work in between his shifts he would go on hikes or cliff jumping with his friends, capture it with his GoPro and upload it to YouTube. After three years of doing something he truly did not enjoy, he quit with 0 plan as to what he was going to do next. From this moment going forward, his life took a turn and it was a good one.

Nainoa had the opportunity to shoot The Chainsmokers and meet one of his biggest inspirations, Rory Kramer. Sam Kolder who was really breaking waves on the internet creating travel vlogs invited him out to New York City to help out with a project for Beautiful Destinations. Within days of arriving to the city he was booked to go with the team outside of the country which was his first time leaving the U.S. Since then, he’s traveled to over 18+ different countries and works heavily with BD.

In this episode Nainoa discusses wanting to inspire people through his content, one of his favorite quotes “it’s better to live 30 years full of adventures than a 100 years safe in the corner” by Jim Rohn, it’s okay to not know what you’re doing because it’s all a process, love the highs and the lows because that’s part of the journey and why it’s important to follow your stoke.




Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Nainoa Langer is a 24 years young content creator from Hawaii now living in New York City

  • Grew up in Moloaki, Hawaii, an island with only 7,000 people on it (4:56)

  • The Shaka hand sign is everything for Hawaiians (7:56)

  • Found out early on that he wanted to experience more than just his island (14:31)

  • Attended Honolulu Community College for 3 semesters pursuing Welding (17:16)

  • Got offered a job to work at a hospital making good money, dropped out of school (19:51)

  • After three years of hating his job he quit with 0 plan of what to do next (20:46)

  • Shooting The Chainsmokers with Rory Kramer + working with Sam Kolder and Beautiful Destinations (29:21)  

  • Follow Your Stoke is what Nainoa is all about (36:31)

  • Traveling to 18+ different countries in the past 2 years (44:31)

  • Inspiring people through his content that it is possible to get out there and see the world (51:36)

  • Nainoa represents possibilities (57:41)

  • “It’s better to live 30 years full of adventures than 100 years stuck in a corner” - Jim Rohn (63:16)

  • Meditate, fitness, eating right and writing are part of his day-to-day life (64:56)

  • Nainoa Langer’s purpose (69:16)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: Where does Bobbbaaaay see himself going? (71:46)

  • Picture frame of Nainoa 10 years from now (76:06)

  • Where to find Nainoa on social media

  • Finding a passion/purpose (79:41)

    • It’s okay not to know what you’re doing - it’s all a process, you just gotta trust what you’re doing

    • Love being miserable - love the up/down because not everything is going to be highs