Episode 73 - Nesrin "Blackprints" Danan: Know Your Worth


There's a good chance you’ve come across one of her photos without even knowing it. Nesrin Danan aka “Blackprints” is a 22 years young photographer who has shot for some of your favorite artists like G-Eazy, Blackbear, Olivia O’brien and she has created content for companies such as Bose, M&M’s, Urban Outfitters, Postmates, Uber and more. None of this was part of the plan, it kinda just happened.

She had taken a film/photography class in high school in Corvallis, Oregon because she was slightly interested. Needing to take pictures for her class she ended up at a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show at the Flat Tail Music Festival in 2012 and was instantly pulled in. By the time she reached college at Portland State University, she was balancing being a full-time student, having a social life, going to the gym and even flying out on weekends to NYC or festivals to work.

What’s different about Nesrin than most photographers is you’ll come across a post of her on her own Instagram. She’s fully confident with sharing her personal life with her followers and wants to come off as someone who keeps it real. Aside from her photography passion she’s a huuuuge foodie and can be caught at Urth Caffe or Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese while in LA. One thing’s for sure - she knows her worth and isn’t going to budge no matter the circumstance.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is to know your worth. In the beginning stages of building a passion, brand or movement you have to do a lot of things for free. We all gotta start somewhere and for most it’s at the very bottom. Don’t let that phase you one bit. With time we’re going to climb our way to the top, we just need to make sure we know our true worth along the journey of getting there.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Nesrin Danan aka “Blackprints” is a 22 years young photographer (3:25)

  • Grew up in Corvallis, Oregon. Was first introduced to film/photography in high school (4:05)

  • Attended Portland State University, graduated in 2017 as a sociology major with a marketing/advertising minor (9:10)

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the Flat Tail Music Festival in 2012 was the first concert Nesrin ever shot (13:15)

  • Posting photos to Tumblr helped her get discovered (14:40)

  • How she got the name “Blackprints” (16:35)

  • Shooting with artists G-Eazy, Drake, Blackbear, Olivia O'brien & more (17:45)

  • Building business relationships with Bose, M&M’s, Urban Outfitters, Postmates, Uber & other brands (25:10)

  • Posting not only content of the brands and people she is working with but also herself (29:05)

  • Being nice to people is super key and something she learned through photography (34:00)

  • Some of her favorite food spots in LA include Urth Cafe, Katsuya, Granville, Nubu, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese (38:25)

  • Day to day schedule (43:35)

  • Pinpointing what the dream is for you is the hard part (44:45)

  • Doesn’t mind doing work for free at first but still know what her worth it (47:50)

  • Creating cool stuff is what she feels is her purpose (51:25)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What is your spirit animal? (53:20)

  • 10 years now she’ll probably still be living in Portland because she loves it there (54:45)

  • Where to find Nesrin on social media

  • Keep trying new stuff and networking is how you find a passion/purpose (57:45)