Episode 85 - Nicki Andrea: Comparing Yourself To Others Will Never Help You

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Nicki Andrea is a health, lifestyle and fashion vlogger. She’s all about body positivity and believes that we should love ourselves no matter our size, shape or color. As she continues to build her platform on social media she would someday like to start her own swimsuit line that fits everyone no matter their size.

Born and raised in Springfield, MA she enjoyed riding her bike, dancing and having magical powers as a kid. Her parents emigrated from Russia the year before she was born and some of those cultural lessons and  values heavily influenced her childhood. Wanting to be same size as some of her friends she started counting calories in 6th grade and by her senior year of high school she would skip out on events because she knew food would be there. This eating disorder would continue on through college at Umass Amherst but with time she became confident in the person she saw in the mirror.

With inspiration from watching YouTubers growing up she launched her own channel. She started putting up make-up and beauty videos and took a four year break from uploading while she was in college. Nikki realized that her story resonated with other people that were going through similar journeys in their life and so she is open and honest about her personal life with all the content that she uploads.

In this episode Nicki discusses there is beauty in the struggle of having to do things for yourself, even when people are rude to you treat them with kindness, dressing for your body builds confidence, positive affirmations remind us of all the good things we have in our life, not second guessing ourselves because we have what it takes and why comparing yourself to others will never help you.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Nikki Andrea is a health, lifestyle and fashion vlogger

  • Born/raised in Springfield, MA. Parents emigrated from Russian year before she was born (5:42)

  • Enjoyed riding her bike, dance and having magical powers as a kid (7:57)

  • Concerned with her weight, Nikki started counting calories in 6th grade (8:37)

  • In high school Nikki would skip events because she knew food would be there (11:02)

  • Attended Umass Amherst focusing to study journalism (14:32)

  • Watching YouTubers a lot growing up, she got inspired to start her own (18:57)

  • Having to do things for herself Nikki has realized there is beauty in the struggle (22:27)

  • Body positivity - love yourself no matter your size, shape, color etc (25:27)

  • Remind ourselves of all the positive things about our life (25:52)

  • Working for Urban Outfitters taught her how to keep a smile on her face (28:32)

  • Dressing for your body builds confidence (30:12)

  • Using social media to build a platform to then start a swimsuit line that fits all sizes (34:57)

  • Let the competition motivate you to keep going and focus on being better than you were the day before (36:57)

  • Going back to Russian and wanting to travel to Europe (38:27)

  • Everybody wants something from you in LA (40:52)

  • Most grateful for her mother (43:47)

  • You’re good enough, don’t second guess yourself (45:17)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What’s the hardest part about doing a podcast? (48:27)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now of Nikki (52:12)

  • Where to find Nikki on social media

    • YouTube

    • Instagram

    • Twitter

  • Advice for finding a passion / purpose (56:27)

    • Find a few things you’re interested in and try them all until you find the “thing”

    • Consistency with anything is important

    • Stay true to yourself and do things for the right reason