Episode 24 - Noah Saudon: Going The Extra Mile To Make People Happy

noah sadoun // photo credit- @Ryanmcasey

noah sadoun // photo credit- @Ryanmcasey

Episode 24: At just 19 years old Noah was running his own furniture store that his father handed to him after he left Coastal Carolina University. At one point the business was grossing $50-100k per month which allowed him to purchase a $90k pick-up truck & was taking $10-15k weekend trips down to Miami. After selling the business when he was in major debt, he packed up from Maryland & headed out to Los Angeles to have a fresh start. He began bartending at On the Rox, one of Hollywood’s hottest nightlife spots located on Sunset Boulevard. Working there he has served drinks to Kid Cudi, Kendall & Kylie Kardashian, Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear, Mike Posner & more. All of his life Noah has been a people’s person & he looks to build & connect people when given the opportunity. Learn about why he left college mid junior year, the hardest lesson he's learned in the past 6 months & why he wants to eventually settle down back in his hometown.


Podcast Outline

  • Who is Noah Saudon today?

  • Born in Maryland

    • Father from Israel & mother from South America

    • Parents divorced at a young age

  • Went down to Coastal Carolina for College

    • Played lacrosse & was a physical education major

    • Wasn’t doing well in school so he could either take out his own student loans or go home to learn family business

    • Left college after 2.5 years (mid-junior year)

  • Father ran “International Furniture” company - 14 locations across Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

  • Noah took over one of the stores & named it “Noah’s Furniture” at 19 years old

    • Grossing 50-100k per month

  • Started to let the money get to his head & was spending it fast

    • Taking trips to Miami, FL spending 10-15k a weekend

    • Bought a 90k extended loaded pick-up truck

  • Noah had his father step in when he was about to get into serious debt

    • Took all the furniture & sold out the business

    • Got a second chance & began to work in the kitchen in his family's restaurant

  • Needed to escape what had happened & other personal issues… packed up & moved to California

    • His father was always his “crutch” & this was finally a chance for him to be let free

    • Made a road trip out of it & explored VA, TN, NM, AZ, etc

  • Started working at On the Rox on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood

    • Made drinks for people like Kid Cudi, Kendall & Kylie Kardashian, Machine Gun Kelly & more

    • Made the best of the situation & built relationships with regular customers

    • Learned to respect & show love for anyone that walked into the door

  • Was living with Huey Mack & had an opportunity to tour manage for him on the road

    • Met Justin Escalona thru Huey & has been part of his “Daily Docs” vlog

  • If Noah could change one thing about himself it would be his work ethic

    • Wake up earlier to get his day started & be more organized

  • One of the hardest lessons learned in the past six months

    • Learning to save money instead of living paycheck to paycheck

    • Say thank you to the people that help him

  • What LA offers that a lot of other cities don’t have

    • Opportunities around you at all times, not knowing who you could meet

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what & who do we see with Noah?

    • A wife, two kids (boy & girl) in a suburban area back in Maryland

  • Ask Bobbbaaay 1 question: Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • Possible family, home in LA & Boston, live very minimally but travel a lot

  • Find Noah on social media

    • Insta/Twitter: @Noah_m_baby

    • Facebook: Noah Saudon

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone trying to find their passion

    • Don’t stop & just keep looking for it