Episode 78 - Reef Boii: Put Your Best Foot Forward


Reef Boii shreds the bass unlike any other human on this earth. Originally from East Flatbush, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York he had the challenge of figuring out who he truly was in a city that can pull you in every direction possible. At a young age his mother forced him to play the drums and although he hated it, he eventually found his passion for the bass.

After high school he shipped up to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College Of Music with a scholarship to continue chasing his passion. During his junior year a dream came true for him, he left school for the semester and joined AER on the road for his first tour. From this moment moving forward, the opportunities only continued to show up. Luck, hard work and timing were all on his side.

As of today he’s ⅓ of Cody Simpson & The Tide, has played a role in Netflix Original Sandy Wexler with Adam Sandler and wants to reach the Billboard charts along with winning a Grammy at some point. One thing's for sure, he always put his best foot forward in anything that he commits to.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version)

  • 24 years young bass player, producer, artist ⅓ of Cody Simpson & The Tide

  • What life was like growing up in (East Flatbush) Brooklyn, NY (3:51)

  • Mother forced Reef to play the drums when he was 10 - he hated it (11:06)

  • Found his way to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College Of Music (16:11)

  • Begins touring with AER on their “Word Of Mouth” tour during his 3rd year of college (20:51)

  • Moves to LA and joins Cody Simpson And The Tide trio band (34:36)

  • Plays a role in Netflix Original Sandy Wexler with Adam Sandler (44:56)  

  • Wanting to hit the billboard charts and win a Grammy (49:06)

  • The people that inspire Reef are the musicians he’s currently or has played with in the past (50:51)

  • Reef’s purpose is to be great and to inspire (60:01)

  • Picture frame 10 years from now - On a bridge between New York & LA and giving back (68:56)

  • Find Reef on social media

  • Finding a passion/purpose (73:36)

    • You’re not alone, it’s alright to not know

    • Try different things

    • With time things will fall into place