Episode 81 - Rhêtorík: Our Differences Make Us Unique


Over the past decade Rhêtorík went from DJing college parties to traveling the world, performing at Madison Square Garden and even getting onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon working alongside recording artist Logic. Today he’s much more than just a DJ but an all around creative artist who wants to try it all.

Raised in Virginia Beach his parents taught him how important it was to be both unique and a good person. While in high school he ran for class office and enjoyed making comedic speeches in front of his school. He ended up spending four years at Virginia Tech jumping around to different majors and landed himself a non-paid internship at The Fader. By the time his graduation came he called his parents and said he was not going to be able attend the ceremony because he was heading on the road with Logic on his Welcome To Forever tour. From there, the rest is history.

In recent years he launched his YouTube vlog Off The Rhekord which gives his fans an unfiltered look at the behind the scenes of what is happening in his life. In October of 2017 he released his first song Shelter, that talked about being a nomad for 5 years and not spending more than 10 days consistently in any given city. What he’s most excited about for the future is putting out more of his music.

In this episode Rhêtorík discusses how both DJing for Mac Miller and attending South by Southwest for the first time changed his perspective, why he believes in the law of attraction, only commiting to things that have purpose to his life, as a creative your brain can go super high but equally super low, how being surrounded by both The Rattpack + the Beautiful Mind crew has helped him and why our differences are what makes us unique.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only) 

  • Rhetorik is an all around creative artist whose current medium is music

  • Being Raised in Virginia Beach & how it influenced him (4:53)  

  • Parents taught him the value of being unique and being a good person (7:03)

  • Ran for class office in high school and enjoyed making comedic speeches in front of the school (9:38)

  • Attended Virginia Tech with interest of pursuing Mechanical Engineering (10:48)

  • Met Logic the summer after his internship with The Fader (14:03)

  • Looking at everyday as an opportunity to become a better person (19:48)

  • DJing for Mac Miller and his first trip to South by Southwest changed his perspective (22:58)

  • What makes a DJ great (26:23)

  • Seasoning up the vegetables with Off The Rhekord Vlogs (29:03)

  • Jon Bellion and surrounding himself with people that don’t put on a front (32:58)

  • Shelter (2017) was/is a very important record for him (36:33)

  • 5 years as a Nomad and not spending more than 10 days in a city at a time (37:43)

  • Only doing things that are purposeful to Rhetorik (46:28)

  • Staying positive / the law of attraction (49:28)

  • Could there be a day where Rhetorik parts ways from Logic? (62:23)

  • Rhetorik’s purpose is to bring people closer and show uniqueness instead of differences (65:13)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself that somebody told you about themselves? (68:03)

  • As a creative your brain can go super high but equally super low (75:38)

  • Picture on the wall of Rhetorik 10 years from, what will we see? (78:08)  

  • Find Rhetorik on social media

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (81:13)

    • Find things that people say makes you different and start looking it as instead unique

    • If you diligently follow the things you’re interested in, you’ll gradually find your purpose

    • Be unapologetically yourself