Episode 90 - Rob Lawless: The Sacrifices Feel More Like Common Sense


Rob Lawless is a man on a mission. After switching careers from being a Business Analyst at Deloitte to an Outbound Sales Team member at software startup RJMetrics, he quit to pursue his own dream. Meet 10,000 people, have a one on one hour conversation with them and see where the road takes him.

Raised in Norristown, PA life was pretty good for Rob. He was surrounded by loving parents, an older brother and sister and was the youngest of 16 cousins on his father's side of the family who all played a positive influence on him. Following both his siblings steps he attended Penn State. What he would realize about himself over the course of the next four years was his strength to be a connector of people. After bouncing around from both careers and realizing we don't have to be miserable and hate our job, he quit to pursue his new job. Connecting with people.

What he had missed about his college days was the connection he had with so many people on his campus and thus he set out on a new journey in November 2015, to meet 10,000 people. Some of the skills he had learned in the professional world about being persistent and following-up began to kick in and slowly people began reaching out wanting to meet him and be part of the project. Launched in Philly, now operating in Los Angeles, at the time of the recording of this podcast Rob had met 1854 people. Ya favorite bearded man happen to be lucky number 1718.

In this episode Rob discusses paying Deloitte $5,000 to quit his job, my ability to meet people is what will take me to where I want to be, go with the flow and control the controllables, the tough times help us appreciate the journey more, the value of connecting with people, one of the most memorable conversations and meet up locations so far and why the sacrifices feel more like common sense.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Rob Lawless is on a mission to meet 10,000 people. At the recording of the podcast, he’s met 1854 people.

  • Growing up in Norristown, PA life was good (5:15)

  • Was the youngest of 16 cousins on his father’s side (6:40)

  • Followed his brothers and sisters footsteps, attended Penn State (9:45)

  • Realizing his strength with people as a connector was the biggest takeaway from college (12:45)

  • Worked for Deloitte after graduating (15:25)

  • We think that work is supposed to be miserable (18:45)

  • Took a paycut, paid Deloitte $5,000 and started working for RJ Metrics (21:05)

  • “My ability to meet people is what will take me to where I want to be” (23:20)

  • Being persistent to follow-up with people (25:10)

  • The process of scheduling meet-ups with people (27:35)

  • Go with the flow and control the controllables (30:00)

  • One of the most memorable people reminded him to be grateful for his childhood (30:50)

  • Bobbbaaaay was number 1718 out of 10,000 (34:48)

  • Project started in Philly, based in LA now with plans to go international (35:50)

  • Trying to inspire the people that follow the movement to go out and talk to people (39:35)  

  • The Sacrifices Feel More Like Common Sense (43:10)

  • The tough times help us appreciate the journey more (44:25)

  • Moving forward would like to see more partnership opportunities (49:00)

  • Rob wants to meet with Drake (51:05)

  • Learning from the people around us (52:29)

  • Robs purpose is to help push culture where human connection is okay/cool/trendy (53:40)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 question: What do you know how that you wish you had knew then? (56:25)

  • Picture frame 10 years from now: Rob, Wife, Kids and 10,000 met across his journey (58:55)

  • Find Rob on social media

  • Advice for someone trying to find a passion/purpose (61:30)

    • Reflect back on your life on what you enjoy

    • What’s 1 thing you can do for the rest of your life and not get tired of

    • Formula to success: Start & Never Stop