Episode 91 - Robbie Page : Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions

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Robbie Page is the Co-Founder of Tenzo Tea. While on the hunt for a coffee alternative that had health benefits, he and his best friend Steve O’Dell came across a clean, green, caffeine packed plant called Matcha. Realizing how much it helped them stay focused in their daily lives along with the other 20 or so health benefits, they launched Tenzo Tea with Matcha being the key ingredient. What started as solely an E-Commerce product in July of 2016 has evolved into over 160+ physical locations that continues to grow today.

Born and raised in the small town of Victor, New York, Robbie was surrounded by parents who both happen to be doctors along with a brother and sister. Realizing his passion for Volleyball at a young age he committed his childhood to becoming the best athlete he could be despite the kids around him stereotyping him for being unathletic and goofy because of his height. By his junior year he was fully committed to UCLA as their #1 Volleyball recruit for the 2010 season standing 7 feet tall.

After finishing up school and playing professional Indoor Volleyball in the European circuit for an Italian team, he returned back to the U.S. and the lifestyle he was comfortable with in Southern California. Back in the professional beach leagues he would find himself playing Volleyball during the day and working on his Tenzo Tea by night to get it off the ground and running. What started as two of them in their apartment has evolved into a team of people based in Santa Monica, CA.

In this episode Robbie discusses how Volleyball taught him if you work hard consistently at anything you’re bound to get better, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, the through of sorrow is about continuing to move forward regardless of how things are going, having an amazing team is key to growth, not reaching his full potential is what scares him the most and why feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Robbie Page is the co-founder of Tenzo Tea

  • Grew up in Victor, New York - small town outside of Rochester (5:50)

  • With both parents being doctors, he grew up in the scene of medicine with dinner conversations around it (8:25)

  • Figured out his passion for volleyball really young and committed his childhood to become the best (12:40)

  • Biggest challenge Robbie faced as a kid was being stereotyped because of his height as unathletic / goofy (14:05)

  • Was the number 1 volleyball recruit for UCLA in 2010 and committed to going there junior year of high school (16:10)

  • Experience moving from the East coast to the West (17:50)

  • Graduates college and goes overseas to play professional Indoor Volleyball in Italy (19:35)

  • Volleyball showed Robbie that if you work hard consistently on anything in life, you will get better (22:00)

  • Wanting to create something that would positively impact the world, Robbie Co-founded Tenzo Tea with his best friend Steve O’Dell (24:45)

  • How Tenzo Tea’s ingredient Matcha helps people and some of the health benefits (31:50)

  • Taking Tenzo Tea from just an E-Commerce product to over 160+ stores nationwide (38:45)

  • Having an amazing team has been key to the growth (43:35)

  • Starting with humble roots they realized feedback is the breakfast of champions (47:33)

  • Trying to get their message across in the simplest terms is what will take them to the masses (48:45)

  • You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (51:10)

  • The Trough of Sorrow is about continuing to move forward regardless of how things are going (56:00)

  • Learning to ask for what he wants and wait is what Robbie is currently working on for himself (58:45)

  • Not reaching his full potential is what scares him the most (63:00)

  • Robbie’s day - to - day routines (68:35)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question - What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever learned? (75:10)

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now: Robbie, a wife, kids and his friends around him. Solving big world issues (80:05)

  • Find Robbie + Tenzo Tea on social

  • Advice for finding a passion / purpose (84:05)

    • Don’t force it.

    • No decision is long-term. Explore and try things until you find it.

    • See how you can make money doing what you love