Episode 67 - Scoobs: Be Happy & Have More Genuine Interactions With People


Scoobs is the creative director at Indie-Pop and he provides creative services outside of the music industry under his brand, Scoobs Supply. Some of his work in recent years include Super Duper KYLE, G-Eazy, Carnage and more. At first he was scared to admit his passion for art but he quickly realized that people didn’t care as much as he thought and so he learned to just be himself.

Born and raised in the small town of Manistee, Michigan his graduating class was only 100 people. Most would stick around, work at the local factory and spend the rest of their lives there but Scoobs wanted more. Having his supportive mother teach him that you can accomplish anything you put your mind towards as long as you were willing to work for it stuck with him. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but knew it had to be something creative and kept jumping on any/all opportunities.  

Through Twitter is was able to connect and build with people over the internet. He took the initiative to show people what he was capable of doing and it only opened up more doors for him. At one point he flew out to Los Angeles and was sleeping on a floor for two weeks. He saw the long play of what he was doing and knew he had to put in the work. After getting a taste of what LA had to offer, he graduated college and moved West knowing that it was the place he needed to be.

In this episode Scoobs discusses how at some point someone will toss you the ball you just need to be ready to catch it & run with it, why design & creative direction is important today, one of the most emotional projects he’s worked on in the past, beating cancer and how he plans to incorporate this experience for 2018 and wanting to help people while doing what he loves.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Who is Scoobs today and how young is he? (3:40)

    • 24 years young, creative director at Indie Pop Management & Independently Popular and provides creative services under his brand Scoobs Supply

  • Grew up in Manistee, Michigan

    • Small town where everyone knows everyone. Graduating class of high school was only 100 people.

    • Spending his childhood there made him want more in his life

    • Everyone’s father works at a local factory and those are the footsteps most people follow

  • Up until his junior year of high school he was expected to play college ball until he had a falling out with the new coach (9:05)

    • Switched to the swim team and was All-State that year

    • Recognized he wasn’t making it to the NBA and stumbled into his passion for drawing

    • Was always scared to admit his passion for it, realized nobody cared and learn to just be himself

  • Scoob’s mother was really supportive of everything that he did which he is grateful for (15:05)

    • She taught him that he could accomplish anything that he is willing to work for

  • Spent 4 years at Kendall College of Art & Design (Grand Rapids, Michigan) (21:20)

    • Majored in Digital Media and minored in Illustration

    • Started to get his feet wet as an intern at Cush Design doing graphic design and patent illustration

  • Was an independent contractor for Amway, a nutrition company (25:40)

    • Ran DP, cutting video, graphic design and anything they needed him to do

    • Didn’t know where he was headed after graduating so he jumped on any opportunity

  • Packed up everything and moved to Los Angeles to work with UGLY and eventually Super Duper KYLE (27:55)

    • Worked on merch, single covers, album packaging and website for both artists

    • Was committed to the opportunity and slept on the floor for the first 2 weeks

    • After graduating college packed up the car and moved to LA

  • Hired as Creative Director at Indie-Pop (31:55)

    • Learned a lot more about the business side of the music industry since working with them

    • Has more access to create which has taught him more things. Sees the backend of how things happen (budgets for music videos etc)

  • At some point someone will throw you the ball, just be ready to catch it and keep going (38:20)

    • You put in the work and there will always be someone out there that wishes they were you. Do it for yourself and keep going.

  • Working on KYLE’s “Wait On Me” was an emotional project for him (44:05)

    • Song was about the passing of his grandfather and it related to Scoob’s because of how close he was with his grandfather.

  • Design & Creative direction is important today with there being so many platforms for content (47:15)

    • If you’re not representing yourself consistent, true and authentic …  it can hold you from growing

    • Brand is what you stand for, branding is all the visuals that speak for itself even without your face

  • Have more genuine interactions with people and be happy more is what 2018 is all about for Scoobs (51:20)

    • Just beat cancer and it gave him some time to reflect on what was important in his life  

    • Had stomach issues from something else, got examined just in case and found tumors in his ultrasound

    • Be conscious of what you’re doing and what/who you’re doing it for

  • Day to day routine of Scoobs (59:40)

    • Always needs his morning coffee, gym three days a week and is always grinding

  • To help people realize their visions is what his purpose is (60:35)

    • It’s what he is really good at and enjoys doing

    • Art is self expression, design is a service. Enjoys the services because he likes helping people.  

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question (61:45)

    • What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from, what/who do we see (65:55)

    • Surrounded by his family, with his dog on a porch genuinely enjoying his life with everyone happy

  • Scoobs on Social Media

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (68:20)

    • Think about the things you really enjoy doing

    • Be willing to learn

    • Work really hard