Episode 103 - Steven Borrelli : No Matter What, This Is Going To Work

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Steven Borrelli is the Founder + CEO of Cuts.

Born and raised in Wenatchee, WA, he headed south to San Diego State University and was a Marketing Major. After graduating and trying both sales and real estate careers, he decided to launch Cuts, The Only Shirt Worth Wearing.

He moved back home, worked full-time and spent his free time putting together and fine tuning the details of what Cuts would represent. To kick off his launch he started a Kickstarter and raised $42,000 within the first month that was supported by 22+ countries.

He’s created a shirt for the men who’re driven, confident, contemporary and living with purpose. Customers select from three different cuts and three different collars keeping what we wear most simple, yet sophisticated. Just recently Cut’s established a brand partnership with videographer, content creator and world traveler Matt Komo.

In this episode Steven discusses you gotta go against everyone and stick to the vision, the struggles help us get you to where we want to go, be curious and put yourself out there, let things/relationships happen naturally and the mindset that no matter what, this is going to work.

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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Born & raised in Winachi, WI (5:20)

  • First job was in 1st grade, washing dishes for $0.50 (11:00)

  • Attending San Diego State University as a Marketing Major (15:55)

  • Through college sold woman shoes at Nordstrom (25:05)

  • Out of college worked for Lambiss, a Branding Agency (26:30)

  • Selling software for Brochure / Working for a Real Estate Agency (32:05)

  • Starting Cuts Clothing - The Only Shirt Worth Wearing (34:10)

  • You gotta go against everyone and stick to the vision (41:55)

  • Raised $42,000 from Kickstarter in 1 month. Support from people in 22+ countries (38:50)

  • Biggest struggle with the production process is trusting people will get things done (53:20)

  • Partnering with Videographer / Content Creator / World Traveler Matt Komo (65:00)

  • Recite one sentence every morning it be - Figure It Out (73:05)

  • Steve’s purpose to show young entrepreneur it’s possible to follow your dreams (81:50)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question - What’s something about you that nobody knows about you? What gives you your edge? (83:50)

  • Where to find Steve + Cuts Clothing

  • Advice for finding a passion/purpose (90:10)

    • Be curious and put yourself out there

    • Sit in on the jobs/careers you’re interested in

    • When you’re in the phase of “the unknown” just keep going

    • When a problem comes, attack it