Episode 68 - SusboyDarius: Keep Going And Prove Them Wrong


He just flew back from a twenty-four hour trip to NYC with recording artist 24hrs where he was documenting their entire stay in the city. Now back in Los Angeles, couchsurfing at the Content Crib he’s embracing the moment as things are starting to fall into place. SusboyDarius is only twenty years old, loves taking photos, creating cover art for artists projects and is now starting to mess around with video.

Born and raised in Springfield, MA he grew up in the nice part of town as the city has a variety of “mini cities” within it some of which are beautiful and peaceful whereas the other parts tend to have a high crime rate. Family has always been very important to him in his life and his parents have always been able to provide him his basic necessities. In school he was always the quiet one that minded his own business but it allowed him to learn as he listened more than he talked.

When his grandmother passed away he locked himself in his room for months and cut off a lot of people in his life. It was his first experience with losing a loved one and the process he went through taught him a lot about himself and ultimately led him to his passion of photography. He was nowhere close to being good at first but surrounding himself with people that had similar interests he slowly got better with time. After 1.5 years of community college he tossed the towel in and is trying to chase his passion while in LA.

In this episode he discusses how he got his name SusboyDarius, how creating t-shirts led to his relationship with 24hrs, being part of the RAGE movement and wanting to inspire others, why you need to fail in order to find what you’re looking for, why his necklace says “Revenge” on it, wanting to have coffee with Wiz Khalifa and what most people don’t know about him.

One of the main takeaways from this episode is to keep going and prove the people that doubted you wrong. Keep your head down, ignore negativity from other people and chase after whatever that end goal might be.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Who is SusboyDarius today and how young is he? (3:15)

    • 20 years young photographer, does graphics and starting to get into video

  • Grew up in Springfield, MA (3:50)

    • City has “mini cities” within it from really nice areas to high crime spots as well

    • Lot of rising talent in the city (music, sports etc)

  • Parents indirectly taught him to always be himself (5:35)

    • Father has been a police officer for 20+ years

    • Mother worked at Mercy Hospital

  • Family has always been very important in his life (6:40)

    • His basic necessities were always there for him so he could focus strictly on what he wanted to do

  • Was someone who sat in the back of the classroom in high school school (8:00)

    • Kept quiet & minded his own business

    • Went to Central High School then transferred to Ludlow High School wanting to meet new people

  • Went through a difficult time in 2014 when his grandmother passed away (10:25)

    • Locked himself in a room for months, lost friends and needed to find himself

  • Found his passion while coping through a tough time (14:30)

    • Someone complimented the way he dressed, a friend had started a clothing line and from that got into pictures

    • Was terrible at first, stayed with it and got better

  • Went to Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) for 1.5 yrs (15:35)

    • Got bored and knew he wanted to do something he loved instead of doing it for other people

  • Got the name “SusboyDarius” from his friend Reece (16:35)

    • He’s quiet and “does weird things” as he says. You never know how he is feeling or what he is thinking

    • Instead of talking he listens which helps him learn

  • Was making t-shirts with his friend and “Royce Rizzy” known today as “24hrs” hit him up for one (18:00)  

    • Kept in touch with him over the years as his music grew

  • RAGE was created as group of creatives that had came together as one team (19:40)

    • The goal was to inspire other people as they were all trying to make a living doing what they love

  • Instead of getting stuck on what other people think, people should focus on what they think of themselves

    • Sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed

  • Not in this for “clout” or the money, he does it because he loves it (25:45)

    • Will even do it for free cause he enjoys it

  • Necklace he rocks says “Revenge” (28:15)

    • Wants to prove everyone that has ever doubted him wrong

  • For 2018 he wants to go on tour with 24hrs, travel and meet new people (29:55)

    • Working with him has been a very genuine relationship that has built over time

  • Collaborating with people is better than working by yourself (32:45)

    • More creativity/ideas so things come out better

  • If the world tuned in for a 45 min lesson by SusboyDarius it would be on “Be Yourself & Get Revenge On People” (33:45)

    • You don’t need to follow anyone. Learn from people you admire and create something of your own.

  • If he could have coffee with anyone alive today it be with Wiz Khalifa (38:40)

    • Has learned a lot from his day to day vlog series

    • Now wants to have the same impact with his series working with 24hrs

  • What most people might not see in SusboyDarius is how genuine he is (40:35)

    • He cares for people a lot more than they might even realize

  • Watches YouTube videos a lot (music videos, interviews etc) (43:35)

    • Enjoys watching podcasts because it’s raw/real and he can see the emotions of people

  • SusboyDarius purpose (46:10)

    • Wants both himself and his family to be happy.

    • Wants people to say he was a genuine person, who didn’t force anything and did what he needed to do to be happy

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question (47:30)

    • You went to college, how does it feel to move across the country and do your own thing?

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now of him, what we would see (53:10)

    • Surrounded by his family all living in Los Angeles

  • Where to find SusboyDarius on Social media (53:50)

  • 2-3 pieces of advice for someone trying to find their passion/purpose (54:35)

    • Your dreams need to be so big that you’re scared you might not accomplish them

    • Keep failing until you’re successful and find something you love to do