Episode 75 - Trevor Wallace: Laugh It Out


Trevor Wallace has cracked the code to making people laugh. He’s amassed millions of views online, has done stand up at iconic venues across Los Angeles and is hungry to become one of the greats.

Raised in Camarillo, CA he didn’t enjoy school all that much but he did what he needed to do to get through it. While a student at San Jose State University he started to see some early success with Vine which gave him the confidence that stepping into the comedy world was actually possible for him. After graduating he moved to LA with two unpaid internships lined up, some money saved and he got to work. Today he works for All Def Digital all the while chasing his passion.

In this episode Trevor discusses why you don’t want your first piece of content to pop off, doing 1 million views overnight on a video by accident, how to not bomb a stand up performance, wanting to share the stage with Dane Cook, balancing time for both friendships and work isn’t easy and how his character “Bryson” came to life.

Making people smile and helping them laugh out the tough times in their life is what he feels is his purpose.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Trevor Wallace is 25 years young Comedian

  • Born in Naperville, Illinois and grew up in Camarillo, California (4:08)

  • Didn’t care for school all that much but did what needed to do (9:53)

  • Attended San Jose State University and started a stand up club   (10:53)

  • Started to get a lot of attention/build a following from posting Vines (12:42)

  • You don’t want your first piece of content to pop off (17:26)

  • Lines up 2 unpaid internships (All Deff Digital & The Groundlings)  and moves to LA to pursue Comedy after graduating college (20:23)

  • Relatability and truth is the formula to make people laugh (27:10)

  • How his character “Bryson” came to life / Doing 1 Million views overnight  (31:23)

  • The process walking into a show before he hits the stage (39:48)

  • Patience, time & consistency is what it takes to be a great comedian (43:18)

  • One of his big goals is to do a show with comedian Dane Cook  (53:03)

  • Balancing time for both work and relationship hasn’t been easy  (60:18)

  • Making people smile and helping them laugh it out when in difficult situations (65:26)

  • Ask Bobbbaaaay 1 Question: What do you want to get on the podcast / What scares you the most in life? (69:23)

  • A wife, an infinity pool with a house  in the hills of Hollywood, good friends and a statue (75:12)

  • Find Trevor on social media

  • Do something you’re scared of because you might love it, invest in yourself, stay consistent and have patience is how you find your passion/purpose (79:28)