Episode 23 - William Bolton: Handwork and Dedication Towards Your Craft Forever Pays

William bolton

William bolton

Even when William Bolton was just a kid, his parents made sure to teach him hard work & that if he was ever going to want something… they weren’t going to just hand it to him. They also supported him whenever he found a new passion or wanted to try something new. The only barrier in the way of achieving his dreams was himself & he sure as hell was not going to let that stop him.

Willy B took college as an opportunity to escape from Detroit, Michigan & headed as far east as he could to Boston College. After a G-Eazy concert at a local venue he waited at the end of the line to ask “How do you do this?” G-Eazy replied “put 100% of your time into the music & when it's dope everything else will fall into place.” For the next four years he put in the work & during his freshman year summer he was interning for a marketing company 9-5 and working in his basement till 2am on beats. He passed out over 1,000 free CD’s to the student body at his school, which led him to meeting his current drummer, Vicky Stix. The vision of becoming the next biggest artist has never left his mind & its allowed him to get to where he is today.

Putting his phone number out to the public to allow his fans to contact him directly has worked in his favor as he had an opportunity to open up for Hoodie Allen at the University of Rochester. This eventually led to Willy B producing a record for him, which in turn, led to him having the opportunity to open up for him on his European tour.

Even when no one was listening to his music or supported what he was doing, he continued to chase his passion. Sacrifices have to be made when you’re trying to create something bigger than yourself.

Episode takeaway: is understanding work ethic is all it takes for you to be great at something. If he was able to grind a 9-5 & still make music in his basement till 2am… then you can do the same. Keep your head down & work your ass off.



  • Who is William Bolton today?

  • Grew up in Detroit, Michigan

    • Built 2 guitars with his grandfather in seventh grade

  • Lessons his parents taught him at a young age

    • Parents taught him hard work at a young age because they made him work for his $$

    • They’ve always supported whatever his passions were along the way

  •  Moment that he wishes he could relive

    • The moment he found his passion for his music

  • Went to Boston College so that he could escape from Detroit

    • G-Eazy told him freshmen year “spend 100% of your time on the music & when the music is dope everything else will come”

    • Spent the summer working a marketing internship 9-5 & spent his nights making beats till 2am

  • Passed out 1,000 CD’s of his music on his campus

  • One of the biggests struggles Willy B has had as an artist

    • Building his brand slowly without anyone pushing the music behind him

  • Interned for Ryan Leslie that became his mentor

  • Put out a public cell phone number to communicate with his fans

    • Got a text to open for Hoodie Allen at University of Rochester

    • Produced “Intro to Anxiety” for his album

  • Biggest lessons learned from Europe tour with Hoodie Allen

    • Being prepared for anything & putting 100% into it

  • Could have one superpower, what would it be?

    • The production skills & knowledge of the best producers of all time

  • Something William Bolton is holding onto but needs to let go of

    • Getting rid of any negativity in his life

  • Picture frame on the wall 10 years from now, what/who do we see?

    • Headlining show in Cairo, Egypt in front of 50,000 people

  • Ask Bobbbay 1 question

    • Have you found your passion?

    • Best piece of advice from the podcast?

  • Where to find William Bolton on social media?

  • What 2-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone trying to find their passion & purpose?

    • Try new things & be open

    • Once you find it & want to move forward with it

      • You have to be great at it

      • You have to be good with people & know how to network