Episode 95 - Zack Honarvar : Shoot Your Shot

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Zack Honarvar is the manager for Yes Theory, a group who creates videos proving to the world that the only way to live an authentic and fulfilling life is to do the things that make us uncomfortable. He is also the founder behind One Day Entertainment, a talent management and business development agency that is figuring out what it takes to become the best.

Raised in Toronto, the hustle was in his blood at a young age when in 7th grade he started selling chocolate bars out of his backpack.  Watching athletes like Kobe Bryant and listening to rap music such as Jay-Z positively influenced him because he saw and heard what great work ethic can do for people.

During his senior year at Wilfrid Laurier University in need of new laptop, he raised enough money to purchase one by selling advertising space on his MacBook to several businesses. He even got the company who was lasering etching the logos for him to do this service free of charge.

He lasted 6 months at his first job out of college before landing a sales position at Shopify. Over the next two years he would learn firsthand how to communicate with people and that no idea is worth anything if you can’t sell it.

Hesitant at first, he accepted an offer to become Yes Theory’s full-time manager. The day he boarded the plane to move West to Venice, California, he found out that Will Smith had accepted Yes Theory’s challenge to bungee jump out of a helicopter. After months of communication the offer was recently finalized in Budapest. September 25th, Will’s 50th birthday, he's bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

In this episode Zack discusses the idea of always being a student and never the master, always starting with why, being mentored by Scooter Braun, helping other people with zero expectation of anything in return and why we must shoot our shot.


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Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Format Of Podcast)

  • Grew up in Toronto. Drake is the new mayor of the city (7:20)

  • Sold chocolate bars out of his backpack in 7th grade (10:35)

  • Getting mixed in with the wrong crowd in high school, Zack transferred schools (13:40)

  • Kobe Bryant and Jay-Z positively influenced him to hustle and work hard (16:00)

  • Attended Wilfrid Laurier University (Economics + Finance Management Major)  (17:00)

  • Raised money to buy a new laptop by selling advertising space on his new Macbook to businesses (21:35)

  • Quitting a job after 6 months to pursue a career that taught him entrepreneur skills (27:10)

  • Working for Shopify // Increasing Communication Skills (28:15)

  • Meeting the guys at Yes Theory // Leaving Shopify to become their manager (35:35)

  • Making cold calls to Will Smith’s management // Accepting Yes Theory’s challenge  (41:05)

  • September 25, Will Smith’s 50th Birthday, bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon (46:05)

  • Taking Yes Theory’s to podcasts, festivals, their clothing brand “Seek Discomfort” (51:30)

  • Founded One Day Entertainment, talent + business agency // Creating Content For The Right Reasons (55:00)

  • Meeting Scooter Braun and having him become his mentor (60:40)

  • Always The Student, Never The Master (67:55)

  • Medicating + Doing something activite are musts in his day-to-day routine (72:25)

  • Zack’s purpose is helping other people with 0 expectation of anything in return (77:25)

  • Ask Bobbay 1 question: Can girls and guys be friends? If you could podcast with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? (82:25)

  • 10 years from now - healthy & happy (90:35)

  • Find Zack on social Media

  • Advice for finding a passion + purpose (95:40)

    • Try a bunch of different things that seem crazy or make you afraid

    • The best things in life are on the other side of fear

    • Always start with why? Are you doing it for you or for somebody else?