Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone


From the beginning I told myself that if I was expecting people to listen to an hour / 2 hour podcast, the quality has to be excellent. If all you have is your iPhone and funds are tight, by no means don’t not start a podcast because you can’t afford equipment like this. Start and learn as you go. Save up money and when you feel comfortable with making the investment, go for it.

The goat of podcasting, Joe Rogan, uses these same microphones as well as a lot of podcasters. Huge fan of them, quality is great.

Price: $399.00

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

Rode Swivel Microphone Arm


Some people prefer the standard desktop microphone stand but I loved the idea of having it be able to swivel, bring higher or lower and move around depending on how the guest wanted to sit. I

Price: $99.99

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

Focusrite Scarlett Interface


Connect both microphones to this interface which plugs directly into your USB. Simple and easy to use.

Price: $269.99

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

AmazonBasics XLR Microphone Cables (6 feet)


Cheap and gets the job done. There are shorter/longer cables if needed but I use the 6 footers and still have extra slack.

Price: $7.19

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

13in Macbook Pro


Have always been a fan of Apple products, can’t go wrong with a Macbook Pro to record all of your podcasts.

Price: $1,686.29

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

Audio-Technica ATH-MX30x Over-Ear Headphones

Headphones .jpg

Fun fact: For the first year of the podcast, I edited all Episodes with Apple headphones that came with your iPhone. No disrespect to Apple but looking back on it… I do NOT know how/why I did that to myself. The quality on these headphones is unmatched. I personally do not wear headphones during the recording of podcasts but I use these for editing Episodes / listening to music while working. Highly recommend.

Price: $69.00

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

GoPro HERO 5


Going back to wanting to invest in high quality audio equipment, I realized the conversation was what people cared to hear. I didn’t start doing visuals for the podcast until Episode 43 and they came out horrible! I didn’t understand lighting and the GoPro was sitting on a bookshelf.

This GoPro is what I’ve shot every single podcast since. It does the job and it’s portable. One day I’d like to get into some really high quality video equipment but I have not made the investment yet (hopefully soon!).

Price: $349.99

Purchase the newer version, HERO 7 on Amazon HERE.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod


Simple and easy to use. Comes with a travel bag incase you’re mobile.

Price: $21.09

Purchase on Amazon HERE.

LimoStudio Photography Softbox Lighting Kit (2-Pack)


Easy to to set up and use. The pack comes with 2 sets of lights which is awesome. Travel bags included in case you’re someone that is on the go.

Price: $63.99

Purchase on Amazon HERE.