Groupisode 03 - Blake Pinsker, Brandin Cohen & Steven Borrelli : Burn The Ships

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This week we brought in Blake Pinsker (Ep 87) Director of Marketing for MvmtBrandin Cohen (Ep 99) Founder of Liquid I.V. and Steven Borrelli (Ep 103) Founder of CUTS to talk about entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful in the E-Commerce world of 2018.

Throughout this Groupisode we dip into some of their first hustles/job they had growing up, why they choose to major business in college, biggest sacrifices they made early on in their careers, the key ingredient to being a successful entrepreneur/brand today, creating a customer customer experience that gets people to come back but also how to battle the fires when customers are not happy and how they plan to change the world through their businesses.

We also discuss Mvmt being acquired by Movado Group for $100 Million, Liquid I.V. builds relationships with Scooter BraunKygoAdam Eaton. Putting on your blinders and going all in, learning how to say no to things that don’t help us move forward, getting small wins and building on them and why in order to succeed, we must burn the ships.

Check out the full podcast HERE.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • Groupisode 3 Guests (4:50)

    • Brandin Cohen (Ep 99) - Founder of Liquid I.V.

    • Blake Pinsker (Ep 87) - Director of Marketing for Mvmt

    • Steven Borrelli (Ep 103) - Founder of Cuts

  • First hustle / first job they ever made any ounce of money (6:50)

  • Why choose business as their major in college (14:50)

    • Blake + Steven were Marketing Majors @ San Diego State University

    • Brandin was an Entrepreneurship Major @ Loyola Marymount University  

  • Burn the ships and continue to move forward (23:15)

  • Biggest sacrifices they made in the early years of their businesses (26:55)

  • Mvmt getting acquired for $100 Million by Movado Group (41:10)

  • The key ingredient to being a successful brand/entrepreneur (48:05)

  • E-Commerce World of 2018 and what it takes to stand out (53:25)

  • Creating a customer experience that gets people to come back (60:00)

  • Changing the world through their businesses (77:10)

  • Best advice for people who’ve hesitated to get started or just started (86:45)

  • Where to find them on social media

  • Advice for people trying to find a passion/purpose (99:35)

    • Try things until you find something you love, then go all in

    • Would you love it even if you made $0? If not, move on to the next thing

    • Start with why and find that niche