Groupisode 1 - Welcome To Los Angeles with Dylan Reese, George Samuels & Nathan Achorn

Groupisode 1 Cover .jpg

Welcome to Groupisode! A brand new series by Purpose in the Youth Podcast that will feature multiple guests at a time talking about different topics. For the first one I  brought in 3 previous guest that have been on the podcast. Recording artist Dylan Reese (Ep 28), actor + model George Samuels (Ep 8) and fashion designer and clothing manufacturer Nathan Achron (Ep 2 + 60). All of us are from the 413, Western Massachusetts now living in LA!

With an opportunity to sleep on a family friends coach, George arrived in Summer of 2017, Dylan and & I started cooking up at the content crib in September of  2017 and Nathan got his own apartment and studio space in Downtown LA to operate his business in March of this year.

In this groupisode we discuss what scared us the most about moving from MA to Cali, why we chose LA in the first place, some of the preparation in saving money and actually getting here, what’s been the toughest + most unexpected challenge we’ve faced thus far,, how living in LA has positively influenced us and why moving outside of your hometown changes your perspective.


Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • What scared you the most about moving from Massachusetts to California (6:45)

  • Why Los Angeles? (12:35)

  • Preparing to make the move (13:35)

  • The amount of money in our pockets once getting to LA (19:35)

  • Has money been stable or tight most of the time? (28:40)

  • Weekly/Monthly expenses living in the city (43:05)

  • What’s been the toughest / most unexpected challenge you’ve faced thus far? (46:50)

  • Know yourself and know what you want before you get here (55:55)

  • What values/lessons did you learn on the East coast have helped you out West? (65:10)

  • How living in LA has positively influenced us (67:55)

  • 5 Years from now, where do you see yourself? (73:30)