Groupisode 02 - Virtual Reality Tour

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For our second Groupisode we brought in three recording artists, Abstract (Ep 96)Dylan Reese (Ep 26 + Gp 1)and Ryan Oakes (Ep 61)who’re touring nationwide on their triple co-headliner tour, Virtual Reality which stops in 22 cities.

Abstract who grew up in Jackson, WI , Dylan Reese from Chicopee, MA… 413 stand UP and Ryan Oakes from Northern Virginia all met over the internet and were able to come together and cross off their lifelong dream of touring the nation. With no booking agent, label or funding they looked to their inner circle to help put this together.

Matt Keene handled booking and logistics of shows, Ryan Pod came on as their tour manager, Big Drip handled the merch, DJ Kode Break got the house rocking and Kyle Downes was in charge of photo & video.

In this episode they discuss how they first got inspired to start making music, what has changed the most about them along their career, what the first 16 shows of the tour were like, hardest lesson they’ve learned in the music industry thus far and one thing they’d like to see happen in their careers that hasn’t happened yet.

Check out the full podcast HERE.

Podcast Outline (Time Markers For Audio Version Only)

  • 60 second intro of Abstract (Ep 96),  Dylan Reese (Ep 26 / GP 1) & Ryan Oakes (Ep 61) (4:25)

  • When they started recording music / what inspired them? (6:30)

  • Biggest struggle they’ve faced as an artist? (11:55)

  • What has changed the most about them along their career? (16:30)

  • Fan question from Marcus: How did you go about opening/booking shows when you first started? (20:55)

  • Favorite show of their career thus far? (29:50)

  • Virtual Reality Tour. 22 Cities Nationwide. Abstract, Dylan Reese and Ryan Oakes triple co-headliner with sounds by Kodebreak (36:05)

    • What were they most nervous about walking into the tour? (37:30)

    • Favorite show in the first leg (16 shows)? (39:20)

    • Worst show in the first leg (16 shows)? (43:35)

    • Fan question from Anna: Has there been a city or show that has inspired you as an artist? (54:30)

    • What show they’re most excited for in the second leg (6 shows)? (62:20)

  • Hardest lesson learned in the music industry? (67:00)

  • One thing they want to see happen in their career that hasn’t happened yet? (79:15)

  • Where to find Abstract, Dylan Reese & Ryan Oakes on social media:

  • Best piece of advice for finding a passion purpose (83:15)

    • Ryan - Find what makes you useful. Keep finding other things you’re good at

    • Abstract - Figure out what you really want to do, not what others think you should do

    • Dylan - Feed your brain information that can teach you. Never stop learning.