Vision 22 - Chermidy: Find Your Own Style And Grow

Ben: To start, can you give readers a brief introduction of yourself?

chermidy: Hey! My name is Eric and I’m sort of a digital artist, actually living in Spain. I have a simple vectorial style and I mainly use Adobe Illustrator for my artworks.

Ben: How did you get into creating art?

chermidy: It started as a hobby (and it still is). In the beginning my style was more complex but I never considered myself an artist, just a guy with a Wacom tablet and some free time. I think I got the inspiration from a friend of mine who also started drawing at the time.

Ben: You post a lot of content on Instagram, when did you start posting your work on there?  

chermidy: I post as much as I can, and fortunately the amount of requests has increased a lot recently. I started posting May 8th but my first uploads to the internet were on deviant art, behance and art station a couple years ago.

Ben: Where do you want to take your art? Is there something in particular you’d like to be creating?

chermidy: I would love to find my own style, since the one I’m into right now is not 100% original. So yeah, my goal at the moment is to keep growing with vectorial but as soon as I’m ready swap to something completely new.

Ben: You’ve posted an illustration of Louis The Child and I saw they liked it! What was it like to have them notice your illustration?

chermidy: It is not the first time a big artist like Louis The Child notice one of my artworks. When I used to draw with my Wacom a lot of producers like Getter, Mija, San Holo (who even commented the post) liked my work, but I think they only did it to be nice and show some love to a fan. I honestly think most of my old drawings are horrible!

Ben: Where do you see yourself in five years?

chermidy: My constancy sucks and most of the time I get bored of hobbies I’ve been doing for a long time, but I always come back to them. My goal in life is to become known, either by drawing or thanks to YouTube (which I prefer).

Ben: What advice would you give to someone following their passion?

chermidy: If you really enjoy something and you want to earn enough money for a living from your passion you have to stick close to it and watch it grow slowly, because it usually is a slow process where people give up too early.