Vision 16 - Danny Diamonds: Study The Game And Be Invested


Danny Diamonds is a 20 year old creative from the Boston area. He found a passion for drawing early on in his life and shortly after came music. Danny has a collection of original music on SoundCloud dating back three years. This past August, Danny Diamonds released his impressive EP “For The Record” which showcases his potential in the music industry.

Ben: Let’s start with a flashback to your childhood! You’re from the Boston area right? What were you like growing up?

Danny Diamonds: I was pretty awkward honestly. Mostly just an artsy kid, I drew a ton and listened to music all the time. I used to skateboard a lot too but was never really athletic like that.

Ben: How did you get into creating music? Was there a specific moment or someone that made you want to create something?

Danny Diamonds: One of my friends who I skateboarded with dropped a song in like 5th grade. Kids at school showed him love and I wasn’t really impressed so I decided to start writing my own shit. I got picked on a lot as a kid so I was really infatuated with the idea of being idolized as an artist and becoming a superstar. I studied the game a ton and progressively became more and more invested in it. Been dropping music ever since.

Ben Justice: You were telling me that you create all of your own cover art through drawings. When did you get into drawing and incorporating that into your cover art?

Danny Diamonds: I’ve been drawing my whole life since I first picked up a pencil. It’s something I’ve always been pretty decent at.

I’ve been doing my own cover art since day one, but early on it was mostly picture collages, edits, and fonts. My first time illustrating something for a cover was the “Luv Like This Freestyle” which right now is my earliest release still remaining on Soundcloud. From that point on I started getting more creative with the fonts and incorporating a lot more illustration into my cover art overall.

Ben: You released your EP “For The Record” this past summer. What was it like creating this project from start to finish?

Danny Diamonds: I made the EP over the course of several months. The finished product came out way different then I had initially imagined. There are certain aspects of the process that I enjoy much more than others but you have to know when it’s time to let a piece go. I’m hoping that my next project will be much more cohesive but I’m happy with how “For The Record” has been received and what it says about where I’m at in my career.

Ben: It’s always important to let your music sit and gain traction after it’s release. With that being said, can we expect new music from you before the year is over?  

Danny Diamonds: Yeah of course man! I’m dropping a collab I did with Mozado at the end of this week called “Tangerine Dream”. I’ll drop the link below so any readers can pre-save that on Spotify.

Hoping to drop a couple more singles before the year is out as well.

Ben: Is there anybody that you see yourself collaborating with or wanting to in the future? Maybe from the vocal or lyricists stand point?

Danny Diamonds: Such a hard question to answer because the list just keeps on growing.

Just some of my all time artists that I wanna work with include Timbaland, The Dream, Pharrell, Childish Gambino, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Wale, Big Sean, Nelly, Rihanna, and Tory Lanez to name a few.

Jack Harlow is the next artist on my short term list, I think we would make something dope.

In terms of producers I’d love to work with Monte Booker, Snakehips, Su-na, Otxhello, Tee-Watt, and Yeonsue.

So many other artists that I want to add but let’s leave it at at that for now.

Ben: What are some of your passions besides music? Is there anything you see yourself pursuing on top of creating music?

Danny Diamonds: There is so much I want to do man. I’d love to get into fashion down the road, hopefully acting and screenwriting as well, and I definitely plan on starting my own record company. I really feel like my creative vision has no boundaries. All I need is the resources and I really think I could do some groundbreaking stuff across the board. My hope is to become a renaissance man of sorts, kind of like Donald Glover or ASAP Rocky.

Ben: How do you think you and your music stands out in the saturated music industry?

Danny Diamonds: I think that my attention to detail is what sets me apart from the industry. I feel like a lot of mainstream artists have gotten exposure off practically everything except for actual talent. The average Hip-Hop consumer has grown to accept the bare minimum. I don’t want to be one of those artists that sells records just because of how I look or act on social media. Hopefully one day I can be recognized as a great wordsmith, someone who cares about the culture, and brings a unique take to the genre. When people dissect my lyrics and acknowledge the complexity of my songwriting that’s like the best feeling ever.

Danny Diamonds has what it takes to shake the industry up. Keep your eye on him moving forward because he’s about to make a name for himself! You can find Danny on Twitter and Instagram. His music can be found on all streaming platforms under “Danny Diamonds.”