Vision 14 - Hazey Eyes: Find What Works And Stay Consistent


Hazey Eyes is a young producer with the motivation to change the world with his music. He has paved his own lane in music over the past few years. From dropping 2 EP’s to producing “Flare Guns” for Quinn XCII, he is on his way to greatness. We touch on topics ranging from his introduction to music, new releases, and much more.

Ben: Let’s start with a flashback to your childhood! You’re from Philly right? What were you like growing up?                                                                                                                                           

Hazey Eyes: Honestly, I was always into music growing up. I started playing piano when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and then violin shortly after. I also took upright bass and guitar lessons for a while. I remember my parents put me into lessons and had to push me to practice at first, but as I got into high school I would be coming home and playing or writing every day. Other than music, I played some sports but was never too good. I liked to skateboard a lot, but that dwindled when the music picked up.

Ben: How did you get into creating music? Was there a specific moment or someone that made you want to create something?

Hazey Eyes: It probably stemmed from the lessons I was taking as a kid but I know I started creating my own stuff during the late middle school years. I remember one time in 8th grade we had to take an elective music class, and at the end of the class each section got to make their own song. For some reason or another my section didn’t get to do it and I remember being super bummed and curious about the process for making a song, so I started doing a bunch of my own research about it.                                                                                                                                                                

Ben: I was taking a look at your SoundCloud and listened to your EP’s “Some Reason” and “Goodbye.” I was really impressed with the music and both projects have hundreds of thousands of plays! Was one of these projects apart of your big break? Or was it another song / project?

Hazey Eyes: I think Spotify opened a lot of doors with me. The first single I ever released was put onto a few of their editorial playlists and everything spiraled from there. If I had to pick one though, I think the “Some Reason” project I put out last year has had the most lasting effect. Some of the stuff has been played on Sirius XM, BBC Radio 1, and other things like that which I still can’t believe. At the end of the day, there’s still so much room to grow and develop as an artist thought. I hope each of my projects gets bigger and bigger.  

Ben: I’m a huge fan of Quinn XCII’s music and when I saw you produced Flare Guns, I was hyped! Can you talk about the process of creating this track with him and Chelsea Cutler?

Hazey Eyes: I put out my first project through a Youtube channel called Mr. Suicide Sheep and one of their larger artists Illenium was making a remix album. Quinn was featured on the song “With You” that I was asked to remix. He must have heard it and actually messaged me on Twitter and asked me to make the beat for Flare Guns. Without hesitation, I said yes and he sent me the acapella. The vocals weren’t completely done yet but I made the beat and sent it back to him. After that him and Chelsea finished it up and it came out like 9 months later.

Ben: You just released your single “Scars” featuring Yoke Lore. What was it like creating this song?

Hazey Eyes: It was created over three different sessions in New York. In the first one we went through some demos I had and wrote a majority of the bigger concept music and lyric ideas. During the second session, we refined some of the lyrics and crafted it how we wanted to. For the final session, Yoke did all of the vocals and it he killed it!                                                                 

Ben: With the release of this new single, I’m assuming there’s even more on the way! What can we expect in terms of releases moving forward?

Hazey Eyes: I have another single dropping before the end of the year. I’m actually going on tour with Petit Biscuit which starts at the end of October and goes until the middle of November. And after that, I’m still planning things out in terms of releases. At some point in 2019, I’ll be releasing a project!  

Ben: Is there anybody that you see yourself collaborating with or wanting to in the future? Maybe from the vocal or lyricists stand point?

Hazey Eyes: My favorite artist is Mura Masa, so that would be crazy. I really like artists like Lorde or Khalid, so anything like that would be really cool too. Passion Pit has to be on the list as well!

Ben: With music set aside, what are some of your passions? Is there anything you see yourself pursuing on top of creating music?

Hazey Eyes: Once I’m able to do music full time, I’d like to blend music and technology. I’m going to school for electrical engineering right now so I’d like to incorporate some of the stuff I learned!                                                                                                                                                        

Ben: How do you think you and your music stands out in the saturated music industry?                    
Hazey Eyes: I feel like some of it comes from my background in music. I love to incorporate strings and organic sounds in everything I do, which I hope adds a different flavor than normal. I love playing instruments for my music so having that in there is always important!

As you can see, Hazey Eyes has the right mindset for the music industry today. I’m very excited to see what he does over the next few years! Keep your eye out for another single from him this year and make sure to stream his new single “Scars.”