Vision 25 - Isaac Palmer: Mentorship Is The Key To Growth

Photo by don idio

Photo by don idio

Isaac Palmer is a young DJ / Producer residing in South Bend, Indiana. Over the past few years, Isaac has put his head down and worked hard. While he believes he hasn’t had his big break yet, he has been building up steam. This April, Isaac will be headlining his first hometown show in South Bend.

Ben: Let’s start with a flashback to your childhood! What were you like growing up? And where are you from?

Isaac Palmer:  I’m from Granger, Indiana. Growing up I was the kid who never gave up and wanted to do everything. I ran for vice president in elementary school, tried out for the school plays and sports teams. I really wanted to be involved in whatever was going on.

Ben: How did you get into creating music? Was there a specific moment or someone that made you want to create something?
Isaac Palmer:  I starting creating music after I heard Calvin Harris’s music on the radio. I was taking a piano class in school at the time and started to play around with different melodies and chords in class. Calvin Harris was and is one of my biggest inspirations today.

Ben: You have a big show coming up! Your first headlining show in your hometown of South Bend, Indiana (Go Irish). Can you give readers some details on the show?

Isaac Palmer:  Yes! This is such an exciting moment for me. I am so pumped to have my own event in my hometown. It was always a dream of mine to do something like this. The show is on April 26th. I just announced the first support act Sherm who is one of my good friends. I think this will be a new experience for the community of South Bend. Looking forward to the concert.

Ben: You’ve released a handful of singles at this point in time. Was one of these singles apart of your big break? Or was it another song / project?
Isaac Palmer:  I wouldn’t call it a big break. I haven’t reached that moment in my career yet, but I did gain a nice following from my remix I made with Dispose and Charles B. It was a remix of Eva Simons and Sidney Samsons’ ‘Escape From Love’. Our remix went very big. Many big youtube channels including House Nation posted it. It was a big moment in my career.

Ben: Can you dive into the process of creating your latest single Deja Vu?
Isaac Palmer:  Yes! Deja Vu is actually an old track I made back in 2016. I was going through projects and came across it and really liked it. It needed a lot of changes and work. I knew I wanted it to be a vocal driven track so I completely remade the break around that vision. After I felt good about the instrumental I contacted Nathan Brumley and we worked on the lyrical aspect of the the track. It all fell together and Deja Vu was created!

Ben: From a far it seems like you’ve been able to connect with some really amazing DJ’s and other creatives in the industry. Is there anybody that stands out as someone who really helped shape you into who you are?

Isaac Palmer: The biggest person that has helped shape me is definitely my friend Tony Junior. He is a DJ/Producer from the Netherlands. He took me under his wing and kind of became an older brother figure in my life. He has helped me become a lot more confident in what I was doing and he has taught me a lot about music and given me very good constructive criticism on my tracks. I really appreciate all the help I have received from him and his team and their friendship.

Ben: I’m assuming there’s even more music on the way! What can we expect in terms of releases moving forward?

Isaac Palmer: Ben! There is a lot more music on the way! I am working with some very amazing artists. I am working on many different styles and genres. I have some really cool club tracks coming, and more commercial tracks as well.  

Ben: Is there anybody that you see yourself collaborating with or wanting to in the future? Maybe from the vocal or lyricists stand point?
Isaac Palmer: I would love to start collaborating with more singer/songwriters. I also love the idea of collaborating with rappers and artists that come from different genres. One of the artists I definitely want to work with this year is Ric Wilson. I love his style and I think we could create something super dope.

Ben: With music set aside, what are some of your passions? Is there anything you see yourself pursuing on top of creating music?
Isaac Palmer: Creating music is definitely my number one passion but yes I do see myself doing more on top of my music career. I would love to start a foundation for children born with certain medical problems, including cleft lip and palate and more. I am also very business oriented and enjoy hearing new ideas. I would really enjoy in partnering up with different people for entrepreneurial opportunities.

Isaac’s music can be found on all streaming platforms by searching Isaac Palmer. You can also find him on Instagram @isaacpalmerofficial and Twitter @isaacpalmerlive