Vision 13 - JP Morray: Your Time Here Is Only Temporary


JP Morray is an artist manager & entrepreneur from St. Louis. Currently living in Los Angeles, he's managed to build a team of amazing creators for his company Interlude Studios. 

Ben: Before we get into questions, can you give readers a brief introduction of yourself?

JP: Yoooo guys!  My name is JP, I am 22 years old and live in Los Angeles, California.  I am a full-time artist manager & entrepreneur. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to LA just last year.  I own an art management firm called Interlude Studios, based here in LA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Ben: When and how did you discover your passion for working with artists?

JP:  Well I think that question is best answered by looking at when I began to appreciate and consume music + art on a regular basis, because that’s when I began speaking with artists and developing relationships with them & their journeys… that would be would be Junior year of high-school.  However it wasn’t until my Sophomore year at Mizzou when I discovered my love for management.

Ben: How did you launch your company Interlude Studios?

JP:  I helped a few artist out early on throughout my journey to discovering my passion for management.  In St. Louis, I was helping out with an artist by the name of Anthony Russo. I would help out with whatever was needed, when he moved to LA, I went and found my own artist by the name of Mix’d Millennial.  And that is when it was essentially born, Miles and I started to hustle in St. Louis and my trips out to LA became more and more productive for us. That 3-4 month period was a growing period and we were definitely learning a ton. Everything was built by the foundation of those months of grit and lonesome effort.                                                                       

Ben: If there was one artist that you could bring onto your team, who would it be?

JP:  We are actually beginning to bring on another artist at the moment.  Her name is Amelia Moore. I’ve had my ears on her music for a long time now, maybe 6 months or so, but just last week my business partner and I inquired about working with her and she said yes.  These relationships take a solid 3-4 months to grow into a blossoming project. We have developed a nice pace and learned many things along the way with our varying artists.

Ben: Who has been your biggest influences in your journey?

JP: Man, there are so many, especially close to home and within that ‘foundation’ I sort of spoke on earlier.  There is a house called ‘The LP House’, where a good friend of my mine, Devin Mroz, lives and has lived for 2.5 years now.  He let me stay with him one week in June of 2016. From then on me and all of my homies have come out and stayed on the couches at the LP.  The combination of the hospitality and wise words from the awesome people that live there essentially just added fuel to our fires. Within the LP House is Dru Decaro, a dude that may be the most stress-free, chillin’ individual on the planet, yet full of wisdom and a true light to everyone around him.  Included in this talk in the same respect are dudes like Anthony Russo, Cam Nisbet, Justin Escalona and more. All of these people have positively affected my human experience in a great, great way.                                                                                                                                       

Ben: How did you get into modeling? What is one of your favorite memories from modeling?

JP:  Hahah man, notice how above I did not mention modeling one-time.  However, I love modeling and it is the reason for anything I’ve ever done in Los Angeles or am doing now.  I got into it by accident long before music came about, a photographer in my hometown asked to take photos of me one Friday evening and I agreed.  Her name is Laynie Henning, another amazing person throughout my journey. The photos came out pretty cool and she encouraged me to submit to a few agencies, so I did, and ended up signing!  Led to me continuing over the last 3 years and today I am signed in LA and Chicago. Many of my favorite modeling memories include the amazing people and models I’ve met within the industry. My favorite specific job I’ve ever worked was the F/W 2018 Stella McCartney revealing.  Paul McCartney, Beck, and many other incredible acts performed as I stood next to them in a winter trench coat onstage hahaha. It was a great memory for sure.

Ben: What’s coming next for you? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

JP:  I’m currently very focused on the artists I’m currently working with, music is through and through my biggest passion.  All of the artists, Miles, Christian, Austin, Anthony, what’s next for me is seeing it through that all of these individuals achieve their dreams and help them reach as many people as possible.  Our artists are working hard and all have awesome things up their sleeve. Our company has been working on a very cool clothing side of the company called ‘Interlude Shop’. The art direction is overseen by Cam Nisbet & Nicholas Sheehan, items have been released, but many things are currently being tested and we expect consistent rollouts within the next two months.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Ben: What advice would you give to someone following their passion?                                                                                                            
JP: Without a doubt very cliche, persistence is key.  You will fail and fall many times, as I have and continue to do… however it is ESSENTIAL that you continue to make efforts and put forth the time necessary to achieve the things you want in life.  Also….enjoy the ride, understand our time here is only temporary, and if we aren’t happy with what we have now then how can we ever achieve true happiness & awakening ? The things of this world are so temporary, believe and put your life into the others around you and you will feel the truth blossom within yourself.  

JP has helped a handful of artists flourish and build a loyal fanbase. It's no surprise that one of the artists he works with, Christian French, is going on a national tour with Chelsea Cutler. JP's roster does not stop there so make sure you check out all of the artists at