Vision 23 - Markus N' Kyle: Experiences Are Worth More Than A Degree


Markus N’ Kyle are two creatives from a small town in Connecticut. They’re journey started in a school bus with plans to travel across the country. After some time on the bus, they moved to San Diego to create content and work at a photo studio.

Ben: To start, can you give readers a brief introduction of yourself?

Markus N’ Kyle: We are two 19 y/o kids from a small, riverside town in Connecticut. We dropped out of college to experience what the world has to offer in order to find out what we have to offer the world. In other words, we were spending thousands of dollars for an education

Ben: How did The Skooligans idea come to be?  

Markus N’ Kyle: The Skooligans idea was generated amongst 3 likeminded college students who simply felt like we weren’t content with the direction college was taking our lives. We wanted to find our passion and create our own path before the idea of college even came into question. Too many people are jumping right into college after high school without a desired path or goal and it’s resulting in people doing jobs they don’t like and parents wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on an investment that the student simply isn’t prepared for.

Ben: What was it like living on the road? What did you guys see along the way?

Markus N’ Kyle: Living on the road is the best thing ever. No routine. No schedule. No responsibilities. When you live on the road you need to pay for gas and food. That’s pretty much it. A majority of your time is spent meeting new people, answering questions about the bus, or relaxing. Our trip started in Higganum, Connecticut and ended in Tampa, Florida after about one month of travel. We got to witness the shift in weather, environment, culture, and atmosphere as we traveled South. We met many people who were for the most part extremely generous and friendly. We learned a lot about each other and even more about ourselves. We often talked about how college was too easy and that you don’t know what the real world is like until you have to make your own food, build your own shelter, and seek out water to drink and shower. It was an incredibly self-revealing experience.

Ben: After following you guys for a while, I’ve seen the shift to becoming “The Scriptors.” Can you talk about that transition?   

Markus N’ Kyle: There was some conflict between the three Skooligans as to the atmosphere on the school bus. The disagreement was reoccuring and didn’t seem to be getting any better with time. When we reached Tampa, the three of us decided to part ways to continue to chase our goals on different paths. Luc stayed behind with the bus and his new dog, Myles. Their journey is being documented on @mileswmyles. As for Kyle and I, we partied our hearts out in Tampa before flying to San Diego for a fresh start. Once we arrived in San Diego we stayed with a buddy for a few days before we bought a van (we couldn’t get enough of life on the road). Kyle and myself (Markus) are videographers and our passion is in documenting. We will be spending our time now exploring San Diego in the van, making friends and learning to surf as well as working for both the photo studio and the production company. Long term goal is the save up money for another cross country trip. Possibly a new method of transport this time though ;)

Ben: In a recent Instagram post, I saw you guys have been living at dk3 Studios! Can you touch on how that opportunity came about?

Markus N’ Kyle: When we arrived in San Diego we were desperate for work. I sent an email to 182 photographers/photo studios in SD with my portfolio attached and a passion-filled message. I basically told them all my story and that I was willing to do whatever it would take to get paid. I received a massive response from this outreach and landed multiple part time photography gigs, but nothing permanent. After a few days I received a call from the owner of dk3 studios, also the CEO of New Evolution Video (a leading corporate video production agency in San Diego). He wanted me to come and work for him full-time, producing content for social media as well as managing his photo studio (dk3). So now in exchange for some work, Kyle and I sleep at dk3 studios, park our van out front, and spend our time creating content and developing marketing strategies for both companies.

Ben: What has been your favorite experience in the past year?

Markus N’ Kyle: My favorite experience has been meeting the people who follow our journey online. Our following is limited (for now) yet we’ve even ran into people at starbucks in San Diego who’ve recognized us and told us how much we’ve inspired them to pursue their passion.

Ben: What other passions do you guys have?

Markus N’ Kyle: Photography, Videography, Film, Music, Film, Culture

Ben: What advice would you give to someone following their passion?

Markus N’ Kyle: Never giving up is obvious. The biggest thing that I can say to someone chasing their dreams is to change their mentality and perspective of their dream. Often times people will view their dream as this completely-unattainable thing that they’d have to spend an unimaginable amount of time to achieve. It’s true that accomplishing your goals takes time and effort, but viewing your dream as a must-obtain instead of a wish-I-could is imperative to success. Accept the fact that these things take time and be willing to put the time in. Develop the self-discipline to establish what your goals are, and institute a plan with evaluation checkpoints to bring you closer to it. Additionally, and probably most importantly. Don’t do anything until you’ve flushed out everyone’s voice in your head but your own. Every step that you take will be a step in the wrong direction if you allow someone else’s opinion of you to influence who you are.

Thanks Ben

Markus N’ Kyle have had an incredible journey over the past few months. After dropping out of college, they set out to see what this world has to offer. From traveling throughout the country in a bus to living out of dk3 Studios in San Diego, the two have experienced a lot. Check out their journey on Instagram @markusnkyle