Vision 01 - Silas: The Path To Success Is A Rollercoaster


Ben: Before we get into questions, can you give readers a brief introduction of yourself? 

Silas: My name is Anthony Manco and I am 20 years old. I am a hip-hop artist from Gaithersburg, Maryland and I go by the name of Silas. This is the first year I have seen a substantial amount of growth. 

Ben: When and how did you discover your passion for creating music? 

Silas: Me and my buddy Rival met in 6th grade and he knew Logic because his brother was friends with him. Rival gave me an original copy of one of Logic’s first mixtapes, “Psychological” in 2009 and I listened and realized how much I liked old-school hip-hop. I started to listen to Tupac and searching for other old-school hip-hop artists. I originally wanted to be a DJ but started writing raps. I got my name from movie called “How High” with Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan and his name in the movie is Silas. 

Ben: That’s a crazy story! It’s amazing how meeting people can lead to ultimately finding your passion. What progression have you seen throughout the years of creating music? Either personally and musically. 

Silas: I would say that my lyrics and flow have gotten much better. I drifted away from the boom bap hip-hop and wanted to create actual songs. But me as a person, I have definitely grown into a man because this album “V” is the “Genesis” but mature. My first mixtape was me rapping but not articulating it in a good way. I successfully did that with my project “V.”

Ben: I could definitely hear that after listening to both projects. Can you talk about what it was like to create “V”? 

Silas: It was emotionally destroying. It made me really depressed and I had to quit my job. It was really hard to go back and talk about all of the experiences I’ve been through. At the same time, it was very rewarding looking back at everything that happened. It was rewarding because I stopped running from it and went at it head on. It feels good for everything to be out in the air and off of my chest. It just felt like everything on this project came off of my shoulders and it was good to get it all out. Me and PSTMN had a huge conversation before we started the project in December 2016 and talked about what we wanted and what I wanted to say. He brought it to life by making the beats alone and I did all of the verses alone. Before, we would make all of the songs together so it was different to work on things alone. We knew from the start what would be on the project from creating Waterfall in February to Honda in October. 

Ben: Even from someone who doesn’t make music, it can really help to revisit the things that need to be released. On this project, it's clear that you speak on topics you've never discussed in your music. In your musical journey, who have been the biggest influences? 

Silas: Man…. I’m gonna steal from Matthew McConaughey but I wanna be me in 10 years. That’s what I wanna chase. I love the fact that I can take the experiences I’ve had in my life and turn them into something beautiful even when they weren’t beautiful. I can pen my emotions and my experiences better than anyone else can because I used to look to other artists to tell my story. I would try and relate especially with Kendrick Lamar and it got to a point where I could do it myself. 

Ben: What is something you want to happen in the next 2 years and how do you plan to make it happen? 

Silas: In the next two years, I will be 21 and I see myself being signed to a label. I plan to make that happen by continuing to be a good person and keep on making great music with my best friends. I will continue to connect with fans who can relate to my music. The “fans” aren’t fans but much more, they are family. Lord willin’ it goes down and I know it will because I surround myself with people who know it will happen just like I do.  

Ben: What advice would you give to someone following their passion? 

Silas: If you wake up and your passion is one of the first things you think about and you go to bed with it on your mind, never stop. If one person likes what you’re doing, never stop. That one person can open so many doors to other people. The first time someone said “your music saved my life” I knew I was never going to stop. And the first time I heard someone say “I made so many friends because of your music” I knew I would never stop. The path to success is a rollercoaster that I am still on and I hate roller coasters but I won’t stop. If you’re passionate about something don’t stop because your passion matters. 

Ben: That’s What have you been up to recently? Can you speak about what may be coming next for you?

Silas: Well in the months since V has dropped I took a break from music to figure out what sound I wanted and which way to approach this upcoming project I’m working on currently. I also started focusing on my health more and my mental health. As for what’s coming up I’m working on a little project with PSTMN we just wanna give people vibes not gonna fill anyone’s head with expectations but it’s gonna be fun, both of us are super excited for it to drop we just wanna make it right for everyone! I’m only 20 years old so much time to grow and live a fulfilling life.