Brand Storytelling, the content you NEED.

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You want to tell your story and build your brand. But you have no clue where to start. Rest easy friend, we got you covered.

The Power Of Storytelling

In this internet economy, great products and solid user experience are a given. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more socially aware than ever, and they’re looking for brands that reflect their values, passions, and storylines. By telling your brand’s story, you give customers a narrative to align with, you give your team a sense of identity, and you skyrocket your company above the competition.

Who is Bobby Hobert?

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The Brand Story Package

  • Full video - Your brands full story interview as told by the founders in interview format with Bobby (20-30min video)

  • Brand Video - The best parts of the full video, cut with lifestyle footage, music, and an introductory voice over, designed for maximum impact on your website. (2-3min video)

  • Social Clips - 10 to 12 short clips derived from the Full Video and the brand Video, cut for your social media platforms with custom open caption.

  • Distribution Partner - Your Full Brand Video shared on the Purpose in the Youth Podcast, and promoted on social media to a young go-getter audience.

Podcast Consulting

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It’s time to start a podcast for your business. 

You understand your audience, you have a concept, and you’re getting excited. 

But now what?

Researching equipment, software, and distribution is confusing enough. But on top of that, the idea of reaching guests and fans effectively is daunting. Ultimately, these knowledge gaps put the success of your podcast in jeopardy. 

Bobby Hobert understands the roadblocks that new podcasters are faced with. He went through them himself! After avoiding the mistakes and navigating to success, Bobby’s equipped to help you do the same with your podcast. As the host of a podcast that has logged over 100 episodes in two years, Bobby has more experience than 99% of podcasters in the game; and he’s ready to bring his insights to you. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a meeting with Bobby. (Half day meetings usually last 3-4 hours.)

  2. Receive a tailor-made plan for your podcast. (Bobby will synthesize all of your goals into actionable steps.)

  3. Confidently execute, and watch your podcast grow. (Follow your tailor-made plan each week in confidence. Worried you’ll get stuck later on? Bobby’s only a text message away for three months after launch.)

Schedule a meeting with Bobby today. 

Many new podcasters are excited to try things on their own–until no one listens. They soon discover that without a consistent strategy, a guest connection workflow, and the keys to audience impact, their podcast was dead before it even started. 

Imagine how confident you’ll feel with Bobby in your corner, helping avoid these mistakes. Bobby’s insight will take you from confused to confident, from nervous to excited, from failure to success. 

Rally a tribe that looks forward to each and every one of your episodes with Bobby on your team. 

In the consulting package, Bobby will help you make the right choice in these difficult decisions:

  • Choosing the best equipment

  • Distributing effectively and efficiently 

  • Strategizing meaningful content 

  • Developing a podcast name that sticks

  • Designing eye catching cover art

  • Arranging a tasteful studio space

  • Exploring monetization opportunities

  • Fostering an amazing guest experience + asking important questions

  • Building relationships with your listeners and transforming them into a community

  • Promoting on social media